Unique Technology

Our unRAID® Server OS is a twist on traditional RAID systems and offers many advantages.

  • Mix and match your drives (any size, speed, or brand)
  • Add capacity when you need it, without disturbing data on other devices
  • Save on your energy bills plus wear and tear on your system
  • Get quick recovery from disk failure
  • Try it for FREE!

Complete Servers

Our complete servers offer you the most power-efficient, protected mass storage for your money.

  • Scale up to 40TB (14 trayless drive bays)
  • Choice of high-performance CPUs
  • 16GB ECC DRAM standard (32GB optional)
  • 80 Plus Gold 650W power supply
  • SSD cache acceleration
  • Supports HW-accelerated VMs, not just SW-emulated ones
  • Rack-mount or stand-alone

For System Builders…

Assemble your own server with up to 92TB of protected storage!

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