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30-Day Free Trial
unRAID Test Drive-italics-s

  • Supports up to 3 attached devices
  • Must have a minimum of 1 data disk assigned
  • Trial time can be extended within the WebGUI
  • Registration only requires your e-mail and valid USB Flash GUID

Download the Latest Version

Please read Getting Started, which covers the USB Flash device preparation as well as installing unRAID on your server. (Note: unRAID Server OS boots from a 128MB or larger USB Flash storage device.)

Version 6.0 - Release Candidate

Created Download MD5 Checksum
2015-05-19 f118aa06672b153629ebc5e31a00fd6a Changes

If you require a previous release, please send a request to

Version 5.x – Stable

Created Download MD5 Checksum
2014-10-18 a16ae18423e977667efb877289b3c0ca Changes
2014-01-17 04f74f27fe685cefa28fa17d41be13fc Changes

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