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  • Download the latest version below, assemble a basic media server, and install unRAID onto your own USB Flash device.
  • Unregistered unRAID Server is fully functional, supporting up to 3 storage devices (1 Parity, 2 data).


Download the Latest Version

Please read unRAID® Server OS Installation, which covers the USB Flash device preparation. (Note: unRAID Server OS boots from a 128MB or larger USB Flash storage device.)


Created Download MD5 Checksum
2014-01-17 04f74f27fe685cefa28fa17d41be13fc Changes
2013-12-07 52232303d016df727fded7c8036db3ef Changes
2013-11-26 a15b7873bd6c62eb4cf54a8c0cdff06c Changes
2013-11-18 76d9bf9a174a11072ba4c0b390ad1a86 Changes
2013-11-13 9d9f6774dcfc3cebdbca32748930ab09 Changes
2013-08-28 631552242b0ba9a391035c46b0b0aa8b Changes


Created Download MD5 Checksum
2014-09-11 02399a4e212ee386bae5bfe117423a66 Changes

If you require a previous release, please send a request to


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