Author Topic: [RESOLVED] Array never spins down (except parity) now that PLEX is installed.  (Read 687 times)

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Unraid 5.0rc12a, 10 disks + cache drive. 

Installed PLEX about 5 days ago (via copying .tgz file to extra folder....all working folders pointed toward my cache disk.
At the recommendation of the plex forum, uninstalled the "C" compiler package via unmenu.  (Plex wouldn't start until I did this)
After a few DAYS of indexing, Plex seems to be done.  (Opening the ACTIVITY window in Plex shows no sign of indexing occurring)
Yet, my drives (now) NEVER spin down and their read count creeps up steadily.  Except the parity drive.  Even with Plex server STOPPED according to unmenu screen.

I posed this question in Plex forums and posted the results of an "lsof" command here:

To which, I was told I "have a lot of sleep processes, which are accessing your disks" based on this example line: 

sleep     30956       root  cwd       DIR        9,5      224          2 /mnt/disk5

Aside from the uninstall of the C compiler via unmenu, I have no new additions to the system EXCEPT Plex, and even turning IT off doesn't stop the reads to my disks.  The comment was made that an incompatibility existed between a previous version of Unraid and Plex, but I'm hesitant to uproot my unraid install to placate Plex.


After conferring with Tom, who confirmed the sporadic READ issue as an issue with Linux, I upgraded my unraid to 5rc16c, and this has resolved the issue!!  Thanks, Tom.
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