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UnRAID on VMWare ESXi with Raw Device Mapping

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Thanks to Johnm's suggestion.

Power consumption of an ESXi box

Axe mans question got cut in the split.  I'll answer it here to keep on topic.

--- Quote from: axeman on January 13, 2012, 05:35:19 PM ---On a more related topic, how does running th 5.0 update work on this setup? will esxi kill anything?

--- End quote ---

Switching from 4.1 to 5.0 is pretty simple.  there are several ways to go about it. the problem with the upgrade is if you are using custom drivers (OEM.tgz). you might not have support in in 5.0 with those devices.

A little research first. followed possibly booting up with 5.0 on a second flash drive first to make sure all of your devices are found. would be your best migration path.


--- Quote from: SilntBob on March 15, 2011, 06:56:30 PM ---
Here are the options if you go ESXi
1 drive= ESXi + datastore for VMDK.  If you want to use the "extra" space on this drive, you *could* create a virtual drive on a portion of this space and use that virtual drive as a disk in your UnRAID could also use the virtual drive for the UnRAID cache drive.

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Can anyone provide a tutorial in order to set up a virtual drive as an unRaid cache drive? Been trying to set one up but the virtual drive does not appear in unRaid.

My setup:
7 x 2TB drives connected to IBM M1015 (pass-through)
1 x 400GB SATA cache drive connected to motherboard SATA port and RDMed to unRaid.

thanks john - ran the update last night, it was pretty smooth. i got my sata data store upgraded, but the NFS based one (from unraid) doesn't have that option.

Does that make a difference? also, after going to 5, did you upgrade the VM to version 8 ? or will that wreak havoc?

thanks again! eagerly waiting for 5.0 on unraid to go final.

So for I have only installed some of  my New guests as VM8's.

My existing guests need none of the new features (that I am aware of).

i have the "Why fix what aint broke?" mentality when it comes to my (virtual) servers.
I play with servers at work to much to want to deal with them at home.


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