unRAID Registration Keys

Unregistered unRAID® Server OS supports up to three storage devices (hard drives and/or SSDs). To support more devices, you will need to purchase a Registration Key.

Registration Keys are small encrypted files placed on your USB Flash Device that enable support for additional storage devices. There are three registration key types:

  • Basic (free) - Great for those who want to try unRAID, Basic supports up to 3 devices (1 Parity, 2 Data).
  • Plus - Ideal for medium-sized Media Servers, Plus supports up to 7 devices (1 Parity, 5 Data, 1 Cache).
  • Pro - Supporting up to 25 devices (1 Parity, 23 Data, and 1 Cache), go Pro to build a truly massive Media Data Server.

Feature Comparison by Registration Key Type


Registration Keys are bound to the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) of your USB Flash device.  To obtain the Flash GUID, you must first install unRAID Server onto your Flash device and boot your server (in the absence of a Plus or Pro registration key, your server will have Basic functionality).

Next, open the Management Utility in your browser.  If you are running  unRAID® OS version 4.7, click on the Devices page and the flash GUID will be displayed near the top of the page.  If you are running unRAID® OS version 5.x, click on the flash device link on the Main page.

Now, using your mouse, select the Flash GUID value displayed there (exactly 27 characters), and copy/paste into the form below.

Example GUID: 058F-6387-0000-0000B65F1E82

Important: If the last 12 characters of your Flash GUID are all zeros, then it does not have a serial number and it may not be registered.

After your purchase is complete, you will receive a payment confirmation email. Once your order has been processed, you will receive a separate email from Lime Technology with your registration key data file(s) attached. Please allow 24-48 hours for receipt of your registration key (usually the same business day). If you have not received your key, please check your email spam filter.

Hotmail users: please add lime-technology.com to your list of trusted domains.

To install the Registration Key, simply copy the key data file to the config directory of your Flash and reboot your server.

Please note that all key sales are final, carefully check your Flash GUID.

Single Registration Keys

Single unRAID® Server Plus Registration key … $69

Flash GUID:
Single unRAID® Server Pro Registration key … $119
Flash GUID:

Registration Key 2-Packs

Always have a backup! Purchase two registration keys at the same time and receive the second for just $30 more.

 If you want to order a Registration Key 2-Pack but only have one USB Flash device, leave the Flash #2 GUID field below blank. After you have received the email containing the first key, you may reply to that email in the future with your second Flash GUID and we will send you it’s key.

unRAID® Server Plus Registration key 2-Pack … $99
Flash #1 GUID:
Flash #2 GUID:
unRAID® Server Pro Registration key 2-Pack … $149
Flash #1 GUID:
Flash #2 GUID:

Registration Key Upgrade

Upgrade up to 2 unRAID® Server Plus keys to Pro keys.

 We must have a record of (each) GUID being currently registered as a Plus key. If you are upgrading a single key, leave the Flash #2 GUID blank.

unRAID® Server Pro Upgrade … $59
Flash #1 GUID:
Flash #2 GUID:
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