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  • For registration key replacements:

    Please see this page.

    For trial key extensions:

    1. Stop your array.
    2. Navigate to the Tools > Registration page.
    3. Click "Request Extension" and fill out the form.
    4. Check your e-mail for a new registration key.
    5. Use the "Install Key" field to install the new key.


    Remember, we only grant two extensions (14 days each) and after the second extension, no additional extensions can be granted.

    For technical support:

    1. Create a post in our general support forum describing your issue (be sure to include your system diagnostics in the post).
    2. If you don't get the help you need from the community, e-mail support@lime-technology.com and include a link to your post.

    For sales or business partnership opportunities:


    For press or media information:


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