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  2. antaresuk

    Share Your Banners

    thanks very much Joseph
  3. DasMarx

    [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    I am having some problems lately when a mount goes offline that appdata backup and restore is set to backup too. Using unassinged devices to mount an smb share at /mnt/disks/myshare/ Using this as a target for appdata backup and restore. If, for any reason, that mount goes offline, backup will now fill up my ram inside the /mnt/disks/myshare/ folder. Is there a way to precheck if the remote share is correctly mounted and throwing an error instead of filling up a folder in ram?
  4. smakdafrog

    [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    I'm trying to do something similar here, but have been unable to get it to work. I'm trying to get Fail2ban working with DelugeVPN, using LetsEncrypt reverse proxy. Everything is setup and functional, but in the DelugeVPN logs, I get ips listed from the docker bridge. ****** 2018-06-25 13:55:28,812 DEBG 'deluge-web-script' stderr output: [ERROR ] 13:55:28 auth:330 Login failed (ClientIP ****** I've set up the real ip stuff that I've seen in this thread ****** server { listen 443 ssl; server_name; set_real_ip_from; real_ip_header X-Forwarded-For; real_ip_recursive on; location / { proxy_pass; } } ****** Not sure how to get the clients actual IP to populate in the delugevpn logs instead of the bridge IPs. Anyone have an idea?
  5. Sorry wasent clear. that did not work for me. I have already seen that link but thanks
  6. Moose_Flunky

    SATA Controller Cards

    Thank you. I'll start looking into it.
  7. DoItMyselfToo

    [Support] - DuckDNS

    This DuckDNS docker appears to be working. I learned about it from watching a video by Spaceinvader One on Youtube. I'm able to ping successfully. But when setting up another docker, I noticed that under "Docker Allocations" that in place of a port, there are several question marks. I'm curious why? Image below:
  8. plantsandbinary

    [Support] Clowrym's Docker Repository

    The watch folder apparently works for everyone else, so it may be an unraid specific problem. Could you please look at it? As for port fowarding I read the and got it sorted.
  9. Today

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    am I reading this correctly!

    SATA Controller Cards

    9201-16i 9300-16i
  12. Squid

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    Any long running commands do not get aborted. You want the user script to start the "real" script in the background by doing something like echo "pathToScrip" | at NOW -m Sent via Tapatalk because I'm either at work or enjoying the summer
  13. Moose_Flunky

    SATA Controller Cards

    Thank you! I was really looking for a controller in the 16 to 24 port range, which is why my attention went to the 3Ware SAS 9750. Any recommendations for 16 port cards?

    SATA Controller Cards

    That's a RAID chipset, not recommended for unRAID, you want a plain HBA, any LSI with a SAS2008/2308/3008 chipset in IT mode, e.g., 9201-8i, 9211-8i, 9207-8i, 9300-8i, etc and clones, like the Dell H200/H310 and IBM M1015, these latter ones need to be crossflashed.
  15. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I'll do some checks on my test system, maybe ipv6 has been selected as priority ? I'll take a look.
  16. jbrodriguez

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I haven't considered it until now. I'll eventually look into it.
  17. Lappen71

    Longest server uptime for unRAID

    137 days,22 hours and counting 😁
  18. Zetas

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I'm having an issue with user scripts where when I have a script set to run in the background and then abort it, it stays running. This is my script: #!/bin/bash #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # This script mounts your remote share with the recommended options. | # Just define the remote you wish to mount as well as the local mountpoint. | # The script will create a folder at the mountpoint | #---------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Local mountpoint mntpoint="/mnt/disks/cloud" # It's recommended to mount your remote share in /mnt/disks/subfolder - # This is the only way to make it accesible to dockers # Remote share remoteshare="cache:" # If you want to share the root of your remote share you have to # define it as "remote:" eg. "acd:" or "gdrive:" home="/mnt/user/appdata/rclone" tmpupload="$home/tmp" #--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mkdir -p $mntpoint mkdir -p $tmpupload rclone --allow-non-empty --allow-other mount $remoteshare $mntpoint --cache-db-path=$home --cache-tmp-upload-path=$tmpupload --cache-tmp-wait-time=30m -vv And after "aborting" the script using the userscripts button this is what `ps auxw |grep rclone` says on the system: root 3230 0.0 0.0 9812 2044 pts/0 S+ 13:48 0:00 grep rclone root 27063 0.0 0.0 11956 2908 ? SN 12:48 0:00 /bin/bash /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/rclone_mount_plugin/script root 27066 0.0 0.0 11960 2908 ? SN 12:48 0:00 /bin/bash /usr/sbin/rclone --allow-non-empty --allow-other mount cache: /mnt/disks/cloud --cache-db-path=/mnt/user/appdata/rclone --cache-tmp-upload-path=/mnt/user/appdata/rclone/tmp --cache-tmp-wait-time=30m -vv root 27068 0.8 0.2 155556 66464 ? SNl 12:48 0:31 rcloneorig --config /boot/config/plugins/rclone/.rclone.conf --allow-non-empty --allow-other mount cache: /mnt/disks/cloud --cache-db-path=/mnt/user/appdata/rclone --cache-tmp-upload-path=/mnt/user/appdata/rclone/tmp --cache-tmp-wait-time=30m -vv This same behavior is apparent in my plexdrive backgrounded script also. After aborting it still stays running. Am I doing something wrong here?
  19. Moose_Flunky

    SATA Controller Cards

    Very new here. I'm in the process of spec-ing and building a new server to run with UnRaid. I've been looking at the 3Ware SAS 9750 24i4e as my controller card. I'm having trouble determining if this is an appropriate choice. The controller chip is the LSI-2108. I found a very confusing post about maybe possibly having to flash this chip, but frankly, I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Anyone got any ideas?
  20. Aian65

    Unable to Access Shares.

    Hi I have looked through the forums for answer to this question..So far have not seen any. I have Windows 10 Pro and I cannot access any of my shares from Tower? When I click to expand the Network. Tower does not show (but does on my laptop) and I cannot gain access to my shares such as Movies, TV Shows etc? I think this is a Windows 10 Pro issue as I've just built this new computer with a Ryzen 2600x and my old system I got access on Windows 10 Home. Any help is much appreciated. Thank You.
  21. clowrym

    [Support] Clowrym's Docker Repository

    I dont know how Port forwarding would work on other VPN's, This docker is specifically set up to work with PIA port forwarding....I have never tried any others!! I have only created the template for UNraid usage, Any issues can be posted here:
  22. Joseph

    Share Your Banners

    Here ya go... ENJOY!!
  23. salora

    [Support] binhex - Radarr

    I have this when I try to pull the docker image from scratch Command: root@localhost:# /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/scripts/docker run -d --name='binhex-radarr' --net='bridge' -e TZ="Europe/Paris" -e HOST_OS="unRAID" -e 'UMASK'='000' -e 'PUID'='99' -e 'PGID'='100' -p '7878:7878/tcp' -v '/mnt/disks/Transcend/home/DL/':'/data':'rw,slave' -v '/mnt/user/media/films/':'/media':'rw' -v '/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr':'/config':'rw' 'binhex/arch-radarr' c6a03b3b37833dfb7723288e1abf1a5a3dd2a660ff0ed6448133033310531f83 /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: oci runtime error: container_linux.go:265: starting container process caused "exec: "/usr/bin/tini": stat /usr/bin/tini: no such file or directory". The command failed.
  24. Jcloud

    VM CPU Assignment when creating VMs

    I tried doing that with the checkmarks, but choose poorly in colors and perhaps didn't fill them in as well as I could have.
  25. Thanks, i will write something to use the UUID instead
  26. salora

    [Support] binhex - Radarr

    hi binhex its : /config ->/mnt/user/appdata/binhex-radarr as it always has been because it's in the template I did not changed it the only thing that has changed is that I updated unraid to 6.5.3 thanks for your support regards
  27. mstuckart

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Are there any supported network configurations for the delugevpn container besides the default bridged mode? I believe I am experiencing performance bottlenecks from bridged mode in my docker instance on a windows machine. Thanks, Mike
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