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  • Server must have an internet connection
  • Registration only requires your e-mail and valid USB Flash GUID
  • Trial period may be extended within the managment webGUI

Download the USB Creator

The simplest way to prepare a USB flash device for use with unRAID is with the unRAID USB Creator tool here.  After opening the download, you can choose between running a stable or next release, customize your network configuration prior to booting, and opt for EFI booting if you prefer.  This tool is an open source program digitally signed by Lime Technology.

Download USB Creator (Windows)Download USB Creator (Mac OS)

Manual Installation (Zip file download)

Please read Getting Started, which covers the USB Flash device preparation as well as installing unRAID on your server. (Note: unRAID Server OS boots from a USB Flash storage device of at least 1GB and no larger than 32GB in size.)

Stable Releases

Created Download MD5 Checksum
2017-05-26 8a70cd85e49ea8169c6ffa5f2e9592e8 Changes
2017-05-14 ef3226a0bfcc40ca5b603d73498f1361 Changes
2017-03-30 b0906cf7432d301deed2bab220bf9ce0 Changes
2017-02-16 9aebe3aa1a126eb9efc963dbe1a98495 Changes
2017-02-08 a6354cd0c254c3819cf81a26e01205ae Changes
2016-11-05 94602b8e26ca80cace3d5bfd7ee1baf9 Changes

If you require a previous release, please send a request to


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