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  • Server must have an internet connection
  • Registration only requires your e-mail and valid USB Flash GUID
  • Trial period may be extended within the managment webGUI

Download the Latest Version

Please read Getting Started, which covers the USB Flash device preparation as well as installing unRAID on your server. (Note: unRAID Server OS boots from a 256MB or larger USB Flash storage device.)

Stable Releases

Created Download MD5 Checksum
2016-11-05 94602b8e26ca80cace3d5bfd7ee1baf9 Changes
2016-11-02 7f0185731eb5ee0e3fe06017ca58b74a Changes
2016-03-04 360d2910497eed659a00435e401f6ed5 Changes


unRAID OS prereleases are made available to obtain early feedback on new features and bugs in order to produce the next bug free stable release. Please note: It must be assumed that lurking bugs may exist in incremental prereleases that can cause instability.

Created Download MD5 Checksum
2016-12-07 3bd90a972ceb9171dfa7b87b34274dc8 Changes
2016-11-25 94dd3faf8a56365bd1cbda8b717c2081 Changes

If you require a previous release, please send a request to


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