Legacy Support (unRAID 5 and Older)


  1. General Support (V5 and Older)

    unRAID Server software and management. Note: please post version 6.0-beta bugs/issues up in the appropriate Announcement board thread.
    13647 topics
    103861 posts
  2. Active Directory (AD)

    Active Directory integration.
    35 topics
    161 posts
  3. Apple File Protocol (AFP)

    Apple Filing Protocol integration.
    89 topics
    753 posts
  4. Plugins (V5 and Older)

    Support for community-created plugins can be found here.
    37 topics
    7557 posts
  5. Applications

    Use of unRAID Server in specific applications, such as with Media Players, etc.
    967 topics
    9153 posts
  6. unRAID 5.x OS Issue List

    The official Bug List. Only moderators can create new topics.
    58 topics
    1153 posts

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