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9 hours ago, nickp85 said:

So I guess I could just stick an LSI 4i card in there and get up to 4 extra SATA ports out of it.

It should work fine.

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18 hours ago, nickp85 said:


No issues with an asmedia chipset?


I haven't had any problems personally, whereas I have had trouble with Marvell and LSI (and the occasional bug with the 4 port PCI-X Silicon Image chips, but otherwise the Silicon Image have been good).  ASMedia are owned by Asus, and they also design the integrated SATA controllers on newer AMD chipsets (Q6 at https://www.anandtech.com/show/11177/making-amd-tick-a-very-zen-interview-with-dr-lisa-su-ceo ).


I have even considered making my own 16 port SATA cards using 8 of the ASM1061 chips with a PCIe switch chip onboard for a large commercial project.  It's a shame that they only do a 2 port standalone version.


This open source NAS design chose the ASMedia chips - https://lwn.net/Articles/743609/

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