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cache_dirs - an attempt to keep directory entries in RAM to prevent disk spin-up

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On 1/13/2018 at 3:23 AM, Necrotic said:

Did anyone else have issues with cachedirs going nuts and pegging one cpu to 100% forever? It happens rarely but over the past year or something had it happen twice.

I went into settings, disabled it and re-enabled and it fixed it.


i just found my machine doing that on a 6.3.5.


It has been consuming 104 hours so just over 4 days since it went bananas.

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So i guess i have the same problem with high cpu.


I now set included dirs to the real dirs i wanna chache. Maybe that fixes the problem. Ill report back. Till now i can say my CPU is down from 30-40% to <10%. So it changed something.



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