unraid-autovmbackup: automate backup of virtual machines in unRAID - v0.4

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2) Run the script with the vdisks_to_skip field filled out for one of the vdisks so that only one gets backed up. Then rename the one vdisk you have a backup of and change the VM configuration.

Cheers JTok, went with option two and it seems to be working as intended now.

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A bug in your script just saved my bacon!  My pfsense VM crashed and got corrupted and I'd lost all my config backups as I think they were in the same folder where the xml backup is done.


Anyway, I luckily spotted that the script had backed up the pfsense VM image file even though I had set it not to!


# list of specific vdisks to be skipped. use the full path.

I didn't want to backup the image as I didn't want my whole network to go down and 'normally' restoring via the config is easy.  Anyway, thanks for the bug as it saved my life.


I've now made multiple copies of my config so please feel free to fix the bug - logs attached ;-)



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Hello folks, 


I have been using this to back up a VM, and a recent power outage corrupted the VM.


I copied over the img, but that was insufficient to restore the VM.

I assume this means the configuration is damaged, and while I believe that is part of the backup (the xml file?) I am not sure the proper way to utilize that in the restore process.


Can someone guide me in properly restoring from the backup?

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