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Am I stuck with AHCI?

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Just had a server go down due to motherboard (or CPU) troubles. It was old.


I bought an Asus Z270E Gaming board and Kaby Lake CPU and upgraded to unRAID 6 on that server.  Now I think I am having the AHCI driver issue where file transfers fluctuate between full rate (100+ MB/s) and zero throughout.  Moving loads of large files with rsync from reiser disks to new XFS disks, so it is not a network issue.


In the Asus' BIOS I have only AHCI or Intel RST (RAID) options for the built-in SATA ports.  Is there a way to use another driver for the AHCI ports or do I just need to find another PERC controller and not use the motherboard ports?


I'd like to use the motherboard ports as I only have one more PCIe slot available, and it's an x4 instead of the full x8 needed by the PERCs.


Any thoughts?

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Got another PERC controller and booted with motherboard SATA controllers disabled, so no need for AHCI drivers anywhere.  Hasn't solved the issue of fluctuating write speeds with periodic drops to zero.

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You actually want to have AHCI settings.

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