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Unable to boot UnRaid

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After I had upgraded UnRaid to Version 6.3.3 I am unable to boot to UnRaid. Any troubleshooting assistance would be appreciated. 


From other post I was advised to raise issue here. As per support suggestion on other posed I was asked to checked my flash drive EFI folder to rename to make it fall back on Legacy boot method. However, I checked flash drive and could not find EFI folder in there.


Could you please suggest what else can I share to get support?

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Why did you upgrade to v6.3.3 and not v6.3.5?
V6.3 doesn't support uefi, only v6.4.
What exactly is happening, ie, what do you see on your screen, where does the boot stop?

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When I opened ticket with mother board manufacturer, they asked me to take photo of each BIOS setting and send to them.


In the process, I learn that under Advanced Menu ->CSM Setting -> boot option filter was set to "UEFI only".

While I was preparing response for them, I notice this.


So, I quickly changed it to "UEFI and Legacy" which allowed boot. (See BIOS photo attached).

In short, my drive was following legacy MBR boot and motherboard was looking for UEFI bootable media. Hence, it was not booting. After above change, I could boot without any issues.


However, for this troubleshooting, I had power cycled system multiple time and often not so gracefully.

As result one of my data disk in array went bad. Luckily it was not Parity drive.


So, I followed and confirmed it passes SMART test and started rebuild.

It's 6 TB drive with about 850 GB  data in it. so, rebuild is seem to take forever. It seems once I have fired rebuild disk and start array, GUI stops responding. could you please advice if you have way to monitor rebuild process via command line?


How do I know if rebuild is going well? Is there a log file about drive rebuild that I can look for?


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mdcmd status | egrep "mdResync"

It will display some values, including:


mdResync=total parity size

mdResyncPos=current position

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