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I haven't been able to find or devise a way to get what I'm after so hopefully I can explain it well enough, and maybe someone more versed can lend some ideas.


I'd like to be able to have unRAID cache active reads and serve them up from the cache location.  The cache should be configurable such that it can be placed anywhere (such as /mnt/cache if one has an SSD, or /tmp if one has a bunch of RAM to throw around).


The idea is to allow multiple users to stream content from unRAID simultaneously and also for the administrator (me) to be able to copy new files to it without disrupting the flow of bits to the rest of the family.


Often there are a couple of users wanting content from the same disk I am trying to write new files to, and this can get annoying with dropouts if I start writing more than one or two files at a time.


So if there was a way for unRAID to cache reads from specific IP addresses (or not from explicitly defined ones to avoid it caching torrents or other less important streams) it would certainly help in this regard.  Alas it seems large SSDs are not going to be affordable enough to replace spinning disks in the array any time soon, so to me at least this seems a pretty decent upgrade in the interim.


Does anyone have thoughts on how this might be accomplished?





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