Help .... I haven't used my server in 2 years...

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My server wouldn't pull up.   I pulled all of my 8 HDD's.   


What is the best way to put them back in and get everything running again?


I have no idea of the arangement anymore.


They are 2TB Drives.  


It's been so long I've forgotten most stuff.  


Thanks for any help.





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If you want help, you are going to have to give us some information, what you've provided so far isn't at all helpful.


What version of unRAID were you running? Tell us about your hardware, motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD's, HBA if any.


Do you get any error messages when you boot up?

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Sorry, It's been along time, and I don't mind paying again just to get access back to my files.  I talked with one of the developers and paid a bit to try to get other python scripts running in the past.


Now I just want to get all the HDD's up and running.  Thanks


CPU : AMD a4-3300 Radeon

4GB Ram

Unraid 6.1.7



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What exactly and specifically do you mean by this vague statement?

1 hour ago, abuzzbuzz said:

My server wouldn't pull up.


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So, It would not turn on.


I pulled all 8 HDD's and now I get a prompt.  


I am scared to put the hdd's back in, as I don't know what order they were plugged in, I know my biggest one (the 4tb) must be the parity drive.


What will happen when I plug them all back in?


Am I going to screw something up, or will it figure it out?




I may have saved the config file on my google drive.  I can't remember the name of that.  Would it help looking at that file?


Thank you.  I see I can't set a help date until the 25th.  I was hoping to get to my christmas music before then.



Thanks again everyone,


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ok, so, sorry been a long time.


I got it back online and logged into the gui.  I got the hdd's all labeled P and 1 - 7.


I will now plug them in.  What should I expect?



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Easier than I thought.  It is back up and running.


Thanks everyone.


Have a great holiday.

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