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openSUSE template performance

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I've just created an openSUSE VM with the included template, and I am having trouble with performance in it. I passed through a GTX 650ti to it, and I have tried both the open source drivers, and the proprietary Nvidia drivers with it, and I've also tried dumping the vbios and putting it in the XML just to see if it helped, but in all cases, videos in the browser lag horribly, playing a frame at a time, and eventually just stopping altogether to buffer indefinitely. In addition, all sound is slowed way down and jerky, including the note that plays at login, and audio attached to videos. Perhaps the problem lies with all video and audio, but moving the mouse around the desktop and such seems to work fine. I don't even know that this is for sure a GPU issue, but I'm not really sure what else to think of it as.


The VM is the default template, openSUSE Leap 42.3, with 2 cores and their corresponding hyperthread cores assigned, 8 GB of RAM assigned, and finally, a physical SSD passed directly through to it for storage.


Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info.



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Some additional information from testing, I tried running a game, and it is extremely slow and laggy just like the videos. Strangely though, in menus it was very responsive, but in the game itself (Audiosurf 2) it bogged down almost instantly. In addition, the controls (side to side on a track) were still responsive, but the movement over the track itself was frame by frame still. I don't know what to make of this.

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