Having Problems Setting Up User Shares

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I'm new to UnRAID, so I may be going about this all wrong.  


I'm using UnRAID as a general file storage/NAS for the wife and I on the home network.  Currently, I have a 4TB main disk and a 4TB parity.  I don't have a cache drive installed yet.  


Any ideas?  I've tried to set up a User Share, however after I hit the Add Share button, I get the message Share has been deleted.


Any ideas?


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Usually best to post diagnostics. Tools>diagnostics and just attach the zip to your next post.

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I’m a long way from an expert on this, but it looks like a file system corruption on disk1. You’ll probably want to run a repair.

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So I went ahead and formatted disk 1, and it solved the problem.  Then I realized that I just plopped in the parity disk and it did it's thing and I did the same for disk 1 and never formatted it.  So, computer science 101.  Thanks for the help, wgstarks!

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