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Dell H310 or LSI SAS 2008 preflashed?

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I'm currently in the process of upgrading my 2 racks to v6.

Now with the SAS cards having been known to have issues with v6 (for some people), I feel it prudent to look into purchasing new v6 compatible cards on the likely chance I too will have issues with them.

I see Dell Perch H310s are popular on the forum, but I also see a lot of problems with them mainly in flashing and bricking them - if I were to purchase these is there a specific version of the H310 I need to purchase or are they all flashable? Also is there a process to flash them that if I don't have UEFI?


If there was a chance to buy LSI SAS 2008's already flashed (9211-8i), but more expensive and more used should I go for these or better to go for newer less used H310 and flash those myself?


Thank you in advance.


x2 24 bay 4u racks each with 8gb Ram, Supermicro X9SCM-F-O motherboard and each with Supermicro x3 AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 cards.

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If you are worried about flashing firmware yourself and bricking it  I still have 2x IBM m1015 cards available that I need to get rid of if you're interested.  These are essentially a LSI raid card crossflashed to work as a HBA. $70 each, shipped.  

These are pre-flashed with the latest firmware so you wouldn't have to worry about doing any flashing. PM me if you want.

Otherwise, yeah just pick up any of the Dell perc 310's. They should all be flashable.

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