Unable to stop Dockers unRAID 6.5.0

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I've had a problem that seems to have crept up since updating to 6.5.0, not sure if it's update related or simply coincidental.

I'm having major issues with getting dockers to stop running. From the individual logs for the dockers I see a trend of them getting stuck at 


[s6-finish] syncing disks.


Through some searching I found an old thread that was related to heavy disk I/O while data was trying to be written, their issue was related to Mover running (which mine is not at the time) and them transferring a large amount of data.

I'm not thinking this is an issue I'm having as, ideally, once disk I/O died down things should finish up and stop successfully but mine never do.

I've let a docker sit in this "syncing disks" state for over 2 days now and I'm not seeing it move any further.


Sadly, this affects my system being able to shutdown cleanly as when the dockers are attempting to stop they never do successfully.


I've attached diagnostics for any assistance it may provide. Let me know if there's more I could gather to help.

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6.5.1-rc5+ should fix this for you

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Thanks for the head's up
There any work-around that I might be able to work with currently until there's a stable release of 6.5.1?

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