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Hello All,


I would like to open with... the forums have been of SIGNIFICANT help with getting my first (planning on at least three) unRAID server up and working like a charm! Thank you to everyone for their contributions in making this easy and fun.

So, stupid me bought an SuperMicro X10DAC-0 MB that does not have IPMI and has the nbt7904 sensor (insert ridicule here). As indicated here the Dynamix Temp nor Fan controller will function with this sensor.

I have gone way down this "fan control" rabbit hole, even looked at an external fan controller, to get some way to cool the unit, but not have the fans screaming at 100%; 50% speed does not cut it, system gets too hot.


So, I had this ingenious idea that it would be great if someone could create a Docker Container that would run SuperDoctor 5. I have no clue whatsoever if this is even possible. IF, however, it is, it would make a fantastic alternative to the Dynamix solutions, for those of us who have the wrong SuperMicro MB and cannot use the great Dynamix solutions. Please do not cast stones at my system, I have thrown enough stones at it to date 😭. I am willing to be a guinea pig (AND make a donation) if someone wants to tweak the Dynamix or Docker container solutions, based on the nbt7904 sensor!


Thanks again to everyone for their great insight and posts on all things unRAID!

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Does the licence of Super Doctor permit people to redistribute it?

I suspect that will be a sticking point.

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I will investigate! Thanks for pointing this out.



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Restrictions: The Licensee may NOT sublicense, assign, reproduce or distribute copies of the Software to others except as otherwise provided herein

Looks like in the EULA stops is from being distributed.


That being said, would it possible to create a container that you put the file into the appdata folder that you manually download and then the docker container runs it?

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Posted (edited)

Hi All,


I actually have a dialogue with someone at SuperMicro! He informs me that the SM SuperDoctor 5 will not run in a Docker or VM, so that idea is dead. However, since I have their ear, I am willing to ask for what ever data is needed to get the Dynamix plugins to work with SM sensors that have yet to be figured out. Shall we give it a go?

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mis-spelled "Shall"

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