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Threadripper no Turbo Boost / XFR

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Hi all


I use UnRaid together with a Threadripper 1950 for quite some time now and it works quite well so far. However, I recently discovered that the CPU frequency of the cores would never go higher than the base frequency of 3.4 GHz although it should be able to go up to 4 GHz according to the CPU speccs. Now this seems to be a problem with the internal frequency governor not knowing to correct max frequency if I googled this correctly. The same behaviour seems to happen with the Ryzen CPUs. 


I used this to check the frequency
watch grep \"cpu MHz\" /proc/cpuinfo


The only solution that has been recommended so far is overclocking the CPU to achieve a higher frequency. Unfortunately, this seems to notably increase the power consumption of this CPU. However, I tried this and got the speed up to 3.8 GHz (4.0 was unstable) but was wondering if this is really the only solution to this problem?


Is this problem given by the Linux Kernel of UnRaid? Is there a chance that this will be fixed in the near future or is OC the only way to achive this?


Maybe there is also something that can be changed in the configuration of UnRaid that I'm not aware of?


Thanks for any input or help



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