[6.5.2] Another freeze, can only hard reset

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Once again I woke up this morning and my unRAID server had locked up after 25+ days uptime, once again I'd been doing a lot of VM work the night before.


This time though I had been putting my System Log file on to the Flash drive so I can see what happened... and it shows nothing.


5am, last syslog entry - SSDs are trimmed

5:36am PiHole reports its last DNS query

6am, I wake up with no internet (because PiHole is down).


Checking the monitor it reports an xfs error, but once I reboot the server nothing is reported, and I'm sure once the parity check is done it will report no issues.


Here's the log up to the crash:



Here's the diagnostics:


Here's the screenshot of what was shown on the screen when I checked this morning:



This is really frustrating as I just don't know what to do to try and fix this as theres no real info.


Any help?



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I hadn’t, but I’ve just run it now, it didn’t take very long at all, this was the output, I can’t see any suggestion that it needs repairing:





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I would run memtest at least a couple of passes then to rule out memory issues causing this.

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I have run a memtest in the past (though only for a couple of hours) and didn’t throw up any errors, I guess it might be worth running it for longer?

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