[Solved] Please "insert root floppy" on reboot

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I am unable to restart my unraid server. After it beings to boot it hits "please insert root floppy" message.




I am still on 5.0.5, if that helps


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That's a quite message from long ago - a time when the Linux kernel was on one floppy and you then switched to a second floppy for the initial file system.


Start by putting your USB drive in a Windows machine and do a chkdsk on it. Also verify that it is labeled UNRAID.

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No luck with check disk. Exact same result.


I guess I will attempt upgrade to v6.

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You might have a damaged USB boot thumb drive. Can you boot with a newly created fresh USB thumb drive?





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I think you may be right. Every time I run check disk it says some errors were fixed. Then I tried to create image of the drive and utility keeps coming back with read errors at different offsets.

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Following these [1] instructions for ugrading to V6. Works as normal!






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