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Yet another storage upgrade question...

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Issue: I'm looking to buy and shuck some 8tb drives to add to my current system. I currently have 1x4tb (parity),1x4tb and 2x2tb.


I bought a 500gb SSD too and am trying to figure out how to install it as a cache drive in a preset up system.... Do I have to manually go to each folder I guess to enable cache (if needed) and re-setup my dockers?  


Steps for this I assume is:

1. plug it in and preclear (do I need to do this?)

2. set as cache drive

3. configure folders to use cache

4. configure dockers to use cache drive.


I haven't bought the 8tb drives yet, but from what I've read in the bunch of threads is that I should test them extensively before shucking and then preclear them...  Then I have read that preclear is not necessary anymore... So I'm not sure what information is correct.  And if preclear is necessary, I couldn't find it while I was setting up my Unraid a couple months back.


Process from what I found is

1. Do extensive tests on drives (what tools would be good for this?)

2. Shuck drives and preclear (or can i preclear during the 'extensive test phase')

3. Plug in New Hard Drive and set it as a parity drive.  Let the parity complete.

4. Take 4tb parity drive off parity and format it as another drive.

5. Plug in 2nd 8tb Drive and format it into the unraid system.


I think thats all the steps...


Thanks in Advance.



Edit: Also.... if I have a cache drive... Do I need turbo write on (I currently have it on)... Maybe I should turn it off as all files are transferred already...

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