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Can't get Asus Prime X370-PRO / Ryzen 1700 temperatures

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I have received my new hardware to move from my testing unraid server to my "production server". I have installed unraid and I add some plugin (Fix Common Problems, Nerd Tools, Dynamix Stats / Info / Temp) and everything works well except temperatures information.

I follow the threads


And finally make it works. This information is more than one year old (was for unraid 6.3) and  has disappeared. I was figuring out if there is now a better way to get this works.





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Hi, I'm the OP of the guide you had referenced.  I'm confused, though.  The subject says you can't get the temperatures to work, but towards the bottom of your post you indicate that you finally make it work.


Does my solution work for you or not?


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After executing the modprobe it87 force_id=0x8620

I go to System temp plugin, enter IT87 then press Load Drivers button and I have four options for processor temperature, the same for mainboard temp and only option for the array fan speed.

So effectively I have something but I don't know what. Which temperature is processor temp, which is mainboard temp? What are others?


As I have another issue (big one with my latin keyboard that I can't get working)  I did not look further on this.

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Looking at my original post, I selected values that seemed closest to what made sense?  There is admittedly some guessing, but it's an imperfect solution, and there doesn't seem to be a better option these days.  I upgraded my Ryzen 1800X to a Threadripper 1950X so it's not running unRAID at this time for me to check.


The screenshot I included showed a CPU temperature of 44c and a Motherboard temperature of 32c.  When I boot into the BIOS, the CPU usually read around 50c, and then wandered back down to maybe 47c?  I figure 44c in regular mode was close enough.  When in the BIOS, usually the system runs a bit hotter because it's going for stability, not efficiency.  I figured the Motherboard temperature would be lower than the CPU temperature, so I selected what seemed to make the most sense.  32c = ~90f, which seemed reasonable enough to me, noticeably above room temperature, but not overly so.


In the end, pick whatever you are most comfortable with, and at that point all the temperatures become relative.  If you're normally seeing 39c and it jumps to 44c, then you know something is running up your CPU.  If it's not an expected temperature jump, then it may be time to investigate and find out what's going on.

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I took the highest temp for the proc temp (39) and the second one for the motherboard (34).


I will check on my X470-Pro if this works too. Even if I'm not planning to move unraid to this computer.

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