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Hi , I just purchased the unRAID software and started to adding disks. 


Now I get green mark but the disk is not mounted(?) The disk (no 2) has just been cleaned , took about 6 hours .. 

I got the same issue last time I added a disk but then it just started to work and I don't know what I did. 😕


Anyone? Help!


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If disk2 was just cleared then it hasn't been formatted yet so it doesn't have a filesystem to mount. Post a screenshot of Main - Array Operations.

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Posted (edited)

Right! Now I remember! I did something with formating...  yes you are right!! 

I just have to format the bl.. the disk! Sorry for stupid question! 🤡

And thanks for fast answer!!


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You're still on v6.3 and should update to v6.5.

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