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30 Day Trial


Unlimited attached
storage devices



Up to 6 attached
storage devices



Up to 12 attached
storage devices



 Unlimited attached
storage devices

Basic to Plus


Up to 12 attached
storage devices

Basic to Pro


Unlimited attached
storage devices

Plus to Pro


Unlimited attached
storage devices

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a registration key?

Registration keys are purchased after you download and install the software to your server.  See our Getting Started guide for more information on setting up unRAID Server OS.  For special orders, please contact support@lime-technology.com.

How do I know if unRAID will work with my hardware?

Easy!  Just download the OS and obtain a Trial key!

What happens to my registration key if my USB flash device fails?

Don’t worry!  You can transfer your registration key to a new flash device up to once per year.  See here for instructions on this procedure.

How many devices does unRAID Server OS Support?

unRAID OS supports up to 30 devices in the parity-protected array (28 data and 2 parity) and up to 24 devices in the cache pool. Additional devices can still be utilized directly with other unRAID features such as virtual machines or the unassigned devices plugin.

Will I have to pay for upgrades to newer versions of unRAID as they are released?

No.  All Basic, Plus and Pro registration keys are eligible to run new releases of unRAID Server OS at no additional cost.

What are “attached storage devices”?

They refer to the total number of storage devices physically attached to the server before you start the array.  This number is in addition to your USB flash device used to boot unRAID (e.g. 4 HDDs + 2 SSDs + unRAID boot device = 6 attached devices).  Non-storage devices such as GPUs do not count against this limit.

Are there any feature restrictions on unRAID based on key type?

No.  All unRAID registration keys (including Trial) allow full access to the software’s capabilities.  The only difference between registration key types is the total number of storage devices you are allowed to have attached to the server before starting the array.

Can I install unRAID to something other than a USB flash device?

No.  unRAID is only supported to run from USB flash-based storage devices.  No SD card readers, HDDs, nor SSDs are supported for the boot device.

Can I move my unRAID Trial config to a new flash device before purchasing a key?

Yes.  Simply prepare the new flash device per the normal setup process, then copy the config folder from the previous flash device onto the new device, then boot up using the new device and purchase a registration key.

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