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  1. I'm just going to be honest: I don't know what's happening with your particular server. There isn't a general issue where everyone is seeing high cpu usage in this manner. It's gong to take time I don't have right now to investigate this case further.
  2. In the logs you posted, there's a python process in a docker container consuming 67% CPU.
  3. You're fast... was going to add: the 99.1% you're seeing is the sum of 10 processes - do you have something hammering storage that much?
  4. Please post
  5. I think we can fix this behavior.
  6. We probably should have added some code in unRAIDServer.plg that detects if user is using -p option on their emhttp line in go file, and if so, set the USE_SSL, PORT, and SSL_PORT appropriately. We can add for 6.4.1 release.
  7. Sure. Please provide sample text and the link and I'll update OP.
  8. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Settle down. They were moved because you didn't read: Just click on your own icon and see where your posts (and replies) are now.
  9. Please only post suggestions here for additional information to be added to OP.
  10. Safe Mode plugin cron entries

    This will get into next point release.
  11. Logout - Login

    Yeah we'll see if we can suppress that message.
  12. 6.4, now I have Call Traces

    Well it's not a segfault (kernel crash), it's a warning that something happened that "shouldn't" happen, along with a stack dump to aide developer.
  13. 6.4, now I have Call Traces

    Someone posted same error over on redhat bugzilla: Does everything seem to still work?
  14. Recent dnsmasq vulnerability & unraid

    unRAID 6.4 uses updated dnsmaq (v. 2.78) which fixes all these issues.
  15. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Good place to monitor progress in addressing this:

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