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  1. Due to recent unending inundation of SPAM we have added some new anti-spam measures. If you find that your posts are not getting posted, or you can't register, please send email to:
  2. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Nice, thanks.
  3. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Added ability to set your own TLD in the next release, including setting it blank. Prob will solve this for you.
  4. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Interesting. Maybe consider posting your results in the main Bugzilla topic: Adjusting voltages may be another workaround.
  5. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    This has been posted somewhere else on the forum. It's showing that Meltdown vulnerability is in place. It's showing Sectre vulnerabilities are still a work in process (on all distros btw, not just unRAID - as of date of this post). 6.4.1 release uses 4.14.14 kernel which has "retpoline" patches BUT not actually compiled in because it requires GCC 7.3 also not yet pubilc: Full Spectre mitigation is going to take a while. Some are saying full recompile of all user-space programs will be necessary. This is my understanding anyway.
  6. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Yes but individual OS's inside the VM's will need their individual patches.
  7. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Yes: boot in legacy mode.
  8. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    AMD claims to be rolling out bios updates for this issue, what is the date on your bios?
  9. Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Did you disable C6 or "global C states" in bios? The hang typically happens when everything goes idle.
  10. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Each boot. Same if done via bios - that is, if bios contains an updated microcode patch it gets loaded every time motherboard resets - you just don't see it happening.
  11. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    You should if possible, but linux has a feature called Early Load Microcode which will update the microcode in your CPU if a microcode update is available for it.
  12. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Actually a lot of misinformation in there, post removed.
  13. The message can be output by the 'mover' process. Recall that mover moves files between array and cache. Share 'Use Cache" setting Yes means files will move from cache to array, setting Prefer means files will move from array to cache. To move files, the mover looks at files on the source and moves them to the target. After all files from a directory have been moved, it attempts to rremove (delete) the source directory. If there are still files left in the source directory, the above error is output and the source directory is left in place. How could there still be files left in the source directory if they were supposedly moved to target? Several things can cause this: The source file was "in use" at time mover wanted to move it. You see this mostly with loopback-mounted image files, but could happen if a file is opened by some other process. There was an error moving the source file to the target, for example, out of space on target. A file got created in the directory after the mover fetched the directory list. In this case the file will get moved next time mover runs. Another time that error can be output is if some process attempts to delete a directory that's not empty.
  14. I'm just going to be honest: I don't know what's happening with your particular server. There isn't a general issue where everyone is seeing high cpu usage in this manner. It's gong to take time I don't have right now to investigate this case further.

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