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  1. Squid

    Re-newed Unraid User Support

    You will also have to (post upgrade) run Tools - New Permissions, as the permission requirements on files changed from pre 4.7 -> 5.x+
  2. Squid

    Plex Docker Update Failure - Orphan Image

    ^^^ This. But, you can always reinstall the app via the apps tab (previous apps section), and be back up in 5 seconds. If the command fails though, then post the docker run command which appears.
  3. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Docker Autostart Manager

    Not 100% true. You can always look at the commit history on GitHub for the webUI to see what's coming at least in the UI itself.
  4. Squid

    LSI SAS9305-24i (PCIe3)

    Easiest solution is to move the cache drive off of the HBA, and onto the motherboard
  5. Squid

    LSI SAS9305-24i (PCIe3)

    Not available / Not supported / Not whatever You can do the exact same thing as the plugin does at the command line: fstrim -a -v If you don't see a line for /mnt/cache, then it's not being trimmed.
  6. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Config Editor

    ok. done zoom the browser
  7. Aug 11 18:20:28 unraid emhttpd: shcmd (57): mount -t btrfs -o noatime,nodiratime /dev/sdb1 /mnt/cache Aug 11 18:20:36 unraid rc.swapfile[6009]: Starting swap file during array mount ... SwapTotal: 0 kB SwapFree: 0 kB FYI, as per the comment within the Apps tab where you (presumably) installed the swap file plugin, Beyond that, without particularly following the thread, you've got 212MB free memory on your system (mid-crash), which might as well be 0MB MemFree: 212004 kB If this is Zoneminder causing the issues for you, why not limit it's memory footprint? https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/57181-real-docker-faq/?page=2#comment-566088
  8. Squid

    Container cpu limitation (SOLVED)

    You're doing it wrong. The --cpuset-cpus goes into the extra parameters section, not adding it as a variable. You may need to switch to advanced view to see that field (top-right)
  9. Once the CacheFloor setting is reached, all transfers will go to the array. The file(s) on the cache drive won't get moved until the mover runs (Scheduler - Mover Settings). The plugin previously mentioned you can schedule it to run far more often, and begin moving files once a % threshhold is reached.
  10. It will move the files over on a schedule you set (Settings -> Scheduler). You can have unRaid move files over when the cache drive gets to a certain fill level by installing the Mover Tuning plugin.
  11. Squid

    [Support] binhex - DelugeVPN

    Previous Apps Section
  12. Squid

    LSI SAS9305-24i (PCIe3)

    They are trim related. Dynamix SSD Trim trim's all filesystems that support trim. In this case, your libvirt image and docker image are both available to be trimmed. Your SSD however is not being trimmed. If it was you would see a line that said /mnt/cache The real difference between those images and the drive itself is that the images are virtual file systems. Even if they're hosted on a spinner, they still get trimmed (even though the trim on the images actually does nothing - even when its hosted on a SSD)
  13. Squid

    Command Line Rar & Par2

    You can always ask in the nerdpack thread to include them.
  14. Squid

    PXE Docker Container?

    There is a TFTP server available in Apps, but no further development on it is taking place. I'm sure you could find tons on a full dockerHub search.
  15. Squid

    [Plugin] CA Docker Autostart Manager

    You're probably looking at a caching error being made by Dynamix. While I probably could fix this, this plugin is going to be deprecated for users that will be running the upcoming unRaid 6.6, as the bulk of it's functionality will be now included in the base OS

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