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  1. [support] limetech's docker repository

    If you always want to run the latest and greatest Plex (which seems to have an update for it every minute or so), then switch to the LinuxServer flavour of Plex.
  2. Docker function down

    Best guess is corruption of the docker.img file (diagnostics might show it) What happens if you "Check For Updates?" Settings - Docker - Advanced View - Stop the service, delete the image, restart the service. Apps Tab, Previous apps, check off all of your apps, then hit install.
  3. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    Something very strange had to have happened when you installed / ran the scan. The folder for fix common problems on the flash drive is there, but the .plg is not Only guess at the moment is some sort of flash drive corruption (take the flash and put it into a Windows box and run the file system checks on it). But, you're probably going to have to reinstall FCP
  4. [Plugin] CA Appdata Backup / Restore

    Disable the schedule Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  5. Docker Problem with Upgrade to 6.4.1

    But don't change any of them unless you're instructed to or know what you're doing, as for instance, settings of "NO" are not equivalent to "No" or "no"
  6. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    Nope. It's a package that's included in 6.3.3+
  7. Outside of the initial bootup, the syslogs are nothing but error after error after error of drive resets which cannot be caused by any intrusion. If you're noticing a slowdown, its definitely because of them. Those drive resets caused disk 1 to have read errors (which were corrected), but another drive (parity) suffers from it every second on the second. Reset all cabling to all drives.
  8. How do I reformat the cache drive

    Stop the array. Main, Cache Device, Change the format type to what you want. If its already what you want and just want to reformat it, then: Change it to anything else. Start the array. Format the drive Stop the array Change the format type to what you want Start the array Format the drive
  9. DPMS display blanking?

    So that if the kernel crashed, the info displayed wouldn't get lost
  10. Crons via the plugin directory not working

    Only if you have logging within your job
  11. Docker Size keeps increasing

    Best guess is that you've got deluge downloading into the docker.img (Or at least the incomplete files) There's a bunch of entries about the docker.img filling up in the Docker FAQ Couple weird things though. CP/Sonarr/LL refer to /downloads as your media share. It usually makes more sense to have a separate downloads share and then have those apps move the completed files to your media share. Additionally, CP/Sonarr/LL will not pick up automatically the downloads done by deluge because deluge is saving the completed files (presumably) into /data, but the apps are all looking for them in /downloads. Review this post for more info:
  12. "Call Traces found on your server"

    I think so... So long as everything seems to be stable
  13. "Call Traces found on your server"

    IDK. But thats what's issuing the trace. More of informational warning you that what you're doing is not guaranteed to not cause issues.
  14. "Call Traces found on your server"

    Linux agpgart interface v0.103 Feb 19 18:46:10 ServerChris kernel: Setting dangerous option alpha_support - tainting kernel Feb 19 18:46:10 ServerChris kernel: WARN_ON(!((dev_priv)->info.platform == INTEL_SKYLAKE) && !((dev_priv)->info.platform == INTEL_KABYLAKE)) I would guess that its because of this that you've added to your syslinux.cfg i915.alpha_support=1

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