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  1. Squid

    Who picked the forum Emoji pack?

    And it works from my home computer (with skin tones)
  2. Squid

    Who picked the forum Emoji pack?

    Chrome. (And right off the hop I don't have an option for skin tone as you do)
  3. Unassigned Devices plugin
  4. FWIW, my opinion on firmware updates for anything: Anything I ever buy, I always ensure its running the latest version immediately after I verify that the part itself actually works. (IE: I update it the same day or next day after installation) After that, unless I have a problem I pretty much never bother updating anything.
  5. Doesn't particularly matter, but "read/modify/write" would be how you want it set initially The number of data disks that are allowed to be spun down before turbo mode is invoked. IE: 0 means all disks have to be spun up for turbo mode to kick in. 1 means that all but one data disk is allowed to be spun up, etc Nope. It just enables / disables the setting according to the parameters you set. It overlaps. The command to turn on turbo runs every minute, and you've also set it to last for 60 minutes. There's 59 overlaps in every hour. Sure. You can force turbo mode on (enabled) or off (disabled) at certain time periods. When the schedule expires, the setting in Disk Settings takes effect. Depends. For small files, Windows (if you're measuring through it) may calculate it including the time required to spin up the drives. The real advantage in turbo mode is large files and/or many small writes consecutively . Personally, I don't bother with using turbo mode at all. I get around 60-70MB/s over the network writing to any given array only share, and most of the writes to the array happen automatically by various docker clients, so I can't even tell (nor would I care) if a transfer takes 1 minute or 5 minutes.
  6. Broadcom is always willing to answer whether it's a legit card or not (and it's pedigree to a certain extent). Just send them pictures.
  7. Squid

    Fix Common Problems query?

    Not at all. Cache:only puts new files onto the cache drive. Existing ones aren't ever touched. Cache-prefer puts new files onto the cache drive (and if its full falls-back to the array), and when mover runs it will move them back onto the cache drive.
  8. It'll appear on the boot menu (locally attached monitor) for unRaid. Select it and go. Why not? that statement implies that you've never tested the memory. Memory can and does go bad. Either way, its a simple check that if nothing else will at least possibly remove that variable from the equation
  9. Squid

    Fix Common Problems query?

  10. Bad memory? (Run Memtest for 24 hours) Borderline Power Supply?
  11. Squid

    Fix Common Problems query?

    Stop the entire docker service. (tools - docker) Change the appdata share from use cache: only to be use cache: prefer Run mover from the main tab After its done, re-enable the docker service
  12. Squid

    VM disk will not increase

    Does it not recognize the increased space or does it not allow you to expand the partition to fill the new size? Sent from my SM-T560NU using Tapatalk
  13. Squid

    Server key transfer

    Pretty sure trial has no limits on drives. Only time

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