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  1. Anything that is outright incompatible with 6.4 FCP will flag you if installed. Additionally, the Apps tab will not let you install anything that is outright incompatible either.
  2. Harnessing Heat

    Had to look that one up lol https://www.collinsdictionary.com/submission/1817/betty+swollocks+
  3. Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    Because of this, I'm going to mark this plugin as being incompatible with 6.4+ within Community Applications. Should someone else take up the mantle, let me know.
  4. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    And as an aside, I do believe that with any test in FCP I am more than fair. While ultimately every single test boils down to my opinion on the matter, someone has to make the determination. And my track record with FCP does show that when I am in error about such and such test I do adjust accordingly.
  5. [Plugin] CA Fix Common Problems

    I'm talking about statistics sender which is part of preclear, not Dynamix Stats which has nothing to do with it. And FCP is checking for statistics sender, not dynamix stats installed without preclear. I guess that I can make the wording clearer, but in the installed Plugins section, it is named "Statistics" My point is that stats sender installed without preclear installed is 100% pointless and while at best may be benign and cause no trouble, and at worst its another plugin installed which may under certain circumstances cause issues. Either way, having a completely unused plugin installed (if preclear is not installed, which is the only way the warning trips) doesn't make any sense.
  6. Its more than likely Radarr causing the behaviour due to how it handles bulk renames. (IE: maybe its doing a copy of the movie or writing a temp file into the folder which means that it winds up on disk2 and then deleting it which will leave the folder on disk2)
  7. [Support] Linuxserver.io - Plex Media Server

    Do the update, once the too many files open appears, post your diagnostics
  8. Spit balling: reconfigure syslog.cfg to output instead to the serial port and restart syslogd. Downsides that I see though is that any diagnostics you grab won't include the syslog redirect a tail of the syslog to the serial port Investigate splunk / graylog apps. (No idea if they're capable of this) Personally, if this is a recurring issue with you, I'd leave a keyboard / monitor attached to the server so you always have console ability. Ideally a mouse also and then boot in GUI mode.
  9. Upgrade I/O error

    What does happen? What appears on the locally attached monitor?
  10. Going forward (after a reboot), FCP will log the output from mcelog into the syslog. Alternatively, you can also at any time do mcelog
  11. FYI going forward, no real need to make your own template. A template is basically just a representation of what you fill in manually on the Add Container screen (ie: you could've just filled out the entries and hit apply). Alternatively, you could've also turned on docker hub searches and then searched for the container within the apps tab and it would've done the best it could to generate a template for you.
  12. New License Key Error

    You can always simply download the file, and store it on the flash drive in the /config folder and then reboot the server
  13. [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    Scripts are executed as part of the array initialization process, and until the script is finished, the whole boot process is paused. Unless you fork a new process into the background.

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