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  1. itimpi

    Attached External Storage devices

    I would not add the DROBO to the main array - I would keep it as an Unassigned Device. It is not normally good practise to have USB drives as part of the main array. in terms of the number of devices from a licensing perspective, it all depends on how the Drobo announces itself to unRAID. I ‘think’ it hides the fact it has multiple bays and just pretends to be a single large disk that is the amalgam of the individual bays. I do not have a drobo that has the usb connection option so am not certain. It would be easy enough to plug it into unRAID to make sure.
  2. Are you sure you had a parity drive when you got those speeds? Speeds in the 35-40MB/sec are typical with parity enabled. If you want faster write speeds you can enable the Turbo write’ mode, but you then incur the penalty of having all drives spun up any time you write to the array
  3. itimpi

    Attached External Storage devices

    If you do not add the DROBO to the array then the disks will not be touched. You should probably instead use it as an ‘Unassigned Device’ mounted externally to the array. The UD plugin will help with this.
  4. The LSI controllers also come in 16 port variants (although they work out to be more expensive per SATA port) just in case your motherboard is short of free slots.
  5. itimpi

    appdata files on wrong disk ??

    Normally the path would be of the form ‘/mnt/user/appdata’ which hides on which disk the files are located providing an unified view of the share across all participating drives. Regarding you original question you cannot rename the disks. If you want to the files on a specific disk then you need to move them yourself to the desired location.
  6. itimpi

    appdata files on wrong disk ??

    Unless you set it to explicitly be confined to a single disk, then it is not unusual for any share (including appdata or system) to be spread over multiple drives
  7. itimpi

    Disk unmountable

    If you have file system corruption then you can not recover the disk using the parity drive. In such a scenario rebuilding the drive will just rebuild the corrupt file system.
  8. itimpi

    Why pool cache drives?

    If you install the Unassigned Devices plugin it provides facilities for managing drives that are not part of the array. Many unRAID users install their VMs on SSDs managed by the UD plugin.
  9. itimpi

    SMART Report errors

    That drive is not in a very healthy state and not worth using. In simplistic items values you want to see in the SMART report to consider a drive worth using with unRAID are: 0 in the value for Pending sectors. A non-zero value indicates sectors that cannot be read reliably and will cause data corruption. 0 (or at least a very low value) in the reallocated sectors. In theory non-zero values are OK as long as they are static, but experience shows that high values indicate drives that are likely to fail.
  10. itimpi

    Upgrade Links Missing For 6.2

    No idea why the links are no longer valid. In the worst case you can always do the ‘manual’ upgrade process Steps to achieve this are: download the ZIP file of the latest release from the Limetech site Copy all the files that start with ‘bz’ from the ZIP file to the root of the USB drive overwriting any that are already there. reboot the unRAID server and it will come up on the new release. Copying the files can be done over the network by copying them to the ‘flash’ share, or by plugging the USB drive into your PC/Mac. You may want to first make a copy of the existing contents of the USB drive onto your PC/Mac to give you a reversion path in the (hopefully unlikely) event there are issues after doing the upgrade and you want to be able to revert.
  11. itimpi

    VM disk will not increase

    In Disk Management you have to tell it to rescan the disks before it will see the exagear space.
  12. I can see ‘make’ as one of the Devpack pakages. Whether that is enough to resolve your original problem I do not know.
  13. The DevPack plugin allows one to select from a wide range of development related tools. If you install the plugin do not forget that no packages are actually installed until you go to Settings->Dev Pack and select them for install.
  14. What makes you think the Windows view is correct! Both UnRAID and Krusader seem to basically agree on the space used. Have you tried drilling down down into the Downloads are to see what files are visible at the Windows Level and what ones are visible via Krusader? The fact that the number of folders/files shown are vastly different on the Windows and Krusader screenshots suggests that either they are not looking at the same point or that there are files present that are not being seen from the Windows system. The Krusader view (presumably running a docker) is working at the raw Linux Level while the Windows one is restricted to what is visible at the Share Level. I would suggest that you want to go to the unRAID Tools menu and run the Docker Safe version of the New Permissions tool to see if that changes the results. If it does that would suggest you have a docker running that is creating files/folders with permissions that stop the folders/files being seen at the Share Level.
  15. itimpi

    Synology HDD to Unraid

    Have you installed theUnassigned Devices plugin on the UnRAID system? The UD plugin helps with mounting drives that are not part of the array, and also adds support for some additional file system types.

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