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  1. You can start with the ‘retain all’ option, and then change only the slots that need correcting. Much easier (and less error prone) than trying to enter all slots from scratch.
  2. Restarting the Web GUI - Is It Possible?

    The GUI is NOT restartable in unRAID 6.3.5 In unRAID 6.3.5 the GUI is delivered by a Web server built into the emhttp process (which is not restartable). In unRAID 6.4 the GUI now runs under a standard web server (nginx).
  3. It is not a bug as it is mentioned in the Release notes as one of the changes that you no longer set the port in the go file (but maybe not prominently enough?).
  4. It does not show as a plugin on my system - only under Tools. If you have it showing under plugins then you should have installed that version.
  5. This is probably because you installed it during the early 6.4.0 rc cycle and missed removing it when the Release notes said you should.
  6. Random Restarts

    You mention getting random restarts. This is almost certainly a hardware issue of some sort. Things to check that can cause such symptoms would include the power supply and the system/cpu fans.
  7. Upgrade I/O error

    If you download the 6.4.0 release you will need all of the bz* style files to be copied to the flash.
  8. This plugin gives you a large list of additional things you can (optionally) install. You have to select from the list which ones you want.
  9. The only change unRAID makes when you add them to the array (but do not format them) is to rewrite the partition table to the standard unRAID expects. Others in similar circumstances to what you describe have succcessfully recovered the partitions (and thus all the files). There was obviously some other factor at play in your case but it is not obvious what it was.
  10. unRAID for small Architecture Office

    UnRAID is a NAS system. The NAS functionality is provided using Samba and the OS underlying this is Linux based. If the desired application software will not work with other NAS based systems that use Samba such as Synology then it is unlikely to work with unRAID. unRAID has additional functionality that allows it to run dockers and VMs but its core functionality is its NAS capability and it is unlikely that unRAID is the correct product if the NAS functionality is not one of the main uses.
  11. UnRaid GUI has menus but empty contents!

    You do not want any disk in the array which has a non-zero value for Pending sectors. It means that there are sectors on the drive that potentially cannot be read reliably. Such sectors can sometimes be cleared by successfully writing to them later but it is always a worrying sign to have them.
  12. FTP Server - WebGUI options

    @Mailk: As was mentioned you can run the Linux FTP server of your choice within a docker. With good support for dockers in unRAID it makes much less sense than it used to for FRP to be in the core product. In fact I think that there is even a good case for removing the support that is present;ly there from the core product.
  13. Deleted files, are they gone permanently ?

    UnRAID never does any automated transfers of files to new disks - it always needs to be a manual process initiated by the user. There is a plugin called unBalance that can help with doing this.
  14. Proper Cache Configuration

    Turn on the help in the GUI - it will explain what each setting means.
  15. Security flaw discovered in Intel chips.

    Interesting point! my guess would be that it will only be done to the 6.4 release as the fix will almost certainly equire a kernel update which would need major regression testing to make it available with 6.3.5. Hopefully 6.4 is very close to final release so this does not become a significant factor. Of course the fix itself may delay 6.4 going Final if it has knock-off effects. In many ways this is likely not to be a significant issue for most unRAID users as it is only a very controlled set of binaries that are run on a typical unRAID system. i wonder if this issue affects VMs?

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