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  1. I have always found that noVNC can have problems with some VMs for no apparent reason. As a result I now always use a VNC client that is not browser base (I use realVNC) to access VMs on unRAID.
  2. That error is most likely due to cabling problems with the drive in question.
  3. itimpi

    [Plugin] CA Docker Autostart Manager

    I do not believe we have had any definitive news about what new features are coming in the next release.
  4. I am confused when you say you are rebuilding the cache drive. Rebuilding only applies to replacing a failed array drive - not the cache drive.
  5. Some motherboards will only present the first ‘n’ drives as boot options (where ‘n’ is typically around 12) which can mean the USB drive gets pushed off the list. As was mentioned you need to find a way to limit the number of drives seen as boot candidates. Bringing up the Boot Menu as previously suggested and seeing if the USB drive is even listed is a good step towards seeing if this is your problem.
  6. It should be /mnt/user/yourshare to use User Shares.
  7. itimpi

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    At least you will not waste time trying to get something working in the short term😀. At least it is seen as something worth considering. If you get any further feedback on this then please post the details here. One of the features I have been providing feedback to MyMediaForAlexa on is their support for AudioBooks in addition to Music. I think that this is considered to still be in beta status but it is looking good. Most of my suggestions for improvement have been implemented although there are still a few outstanding. I am not sure how much of a niche Use Case this is, but it is definitely something that I am finding attractive. Would be interested to hear if anyone else might be using this feature? The one missing feature that I would really like to see is multi-room support. I know that MyMediaForAlexa want to do this but are waiting on support for this in the SDK that Amazon provide so it is always worth adding an extra vote for Amazon adding this to the SDK. Since Amazon provide it when streaming their Audio material I would not think it can be that difficult to make the appropriate interface available to 3rd Parties.
  8. An unexpected shutdown is going to be hardware related in some way. Do you mean that the server was actually powered off or just that it appeared to have locked up? If it was actually powered off and there was no power cut then the most likely cause is something like the processor overheating and shutting itself off.
  9. It is unlikely that use of SATA2 is what is limiting your throughput as HDD drives do not exceed SATA2 limits. It is only when using SSD that SATA3 becomes important. Having said that there may be some other factor (such as the overall throughput of the controller across all drives) that can be limiting throughput. You have not mentioned what speeds you are seeing to get feedback on whether the speeds you are seeing are typical of unRAID. UnRAID is optimised for things other than performance.
  10. itimpi

    docker console

    Note that if the docker container is updated on dockerhub then if you use the option to update the docker then you will probably lose any changes made via a terminal session, so make sure you keep track of what you did so you can redo it if necessary.
  11. itimpi

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    Getting a license is not exactly onerous pricewise! No ideas on how to solve your problem with switching your receiver to the correct input. Since this is not an unRAID specific issue it might be worth contacting MyMediaForAlexa support to see if they have any ideas?
  12. itimpi

    Server Can No Longer Start Headless

    No idea what is causing your problem but you could always get a HDMI monitor emulator plug to act as a workaround.
  13. itimpi

    Unmountable : No file system

    I mount manually using the md device (with the array in Maintenance mode) so it will not introduce parity errors.
  14. itimpi

    Unmountable : No file system

    I have often wondered why this is so frequently needed? If i have an unmountable Disk then typically if instead of using xfs_repair with the -L option I simply do a mount from the command line it mounts fine and the contents are visible. If I then umount the drive and start the array again the disk no longer shows as unmountable (despite the fact I did not run the repair). There is obviously something in the way that unRAID is trying to mount the drive that is different to the manual mount. Maybe the built-in unRAID mount should be amended to be more like the manual mount command?
  15. I was not trying to say you had a share called user, but that User Shares appear as folders under the /mnt/user location.

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