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  1. BRiT

    SiS 191 gigabit ethernet support in Unraid 6?

    See, now that was a snarky answer. Now you have one to measure other replies by. Everyone here is a volunteer that freely gives their own time without any compensation. When someone replies with what the actual procedure is, that is mentioned in all the release threads and in several forum stickies or faq threads, do not take it as a snarky response. The free volunteers are extremely limited in time and merely post what they can when they can, so do not mistake direct and to the point responses for any sort of snark. Good day.
  2. BRiT

    SiS 191 gigabit ethernet support in Unraid 6?

    If you think that's a snarky answer, you must live an extremely sheltered life, most likely you're a millennial who requires safe spaces because you think you're a special snowflake who deserves everything handed to you.
  3. I didnt know they were trading. Did they offer up anything good?
  4. BRiT

    SiS 191 gigabit ethernet support in Unraid 6?

    Proper Forums in this day and age means the current Bug Reports sections, depending on which version you're running either Stable Releases or PreReleases.
  5. The baseline for the system is around 40c. The spikes up to 100c is the extreme error. Look at the pictures attached earlier in this thread and the other related threads to see.
  6. No. You're wrong. This is indeed an ASRock issue.
  7. BRiT

    Hardware RAID 6 Software Raid 0

    Going off what you said, you don't have it doing anything else until 14 hours later anyways.
  8. BRiT

    restart docker automatically?

    docker ps The column is Status but indicates how long it's been running.
  9. BRiT

    Hardware RAID 6 Software Raid 0

    You should schedule the Mover task to be run more frequently than just once overnight.
  10. BRiT

    Is preclear still important?

    Best have multiple systems to test the 24 drives, or deal with testing 4 to 6 drives at a time before moving onto the next set.
  11. BRiT

    How often do I have to run SSD TRIM?

    How much do you use your cache drive for writes?
  12. It might be buried in this mega-thread:
  13. Unfortunately not. It's not about NCQ but about command queue depth set on the tunables … Settings, Disk Settings. Field name: "Tunable (nr_requests):" Help Text of: This defines the nr_requests device driver setting for all array devices. For me the setting is at 128 and says that's the default. Of course perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong setting, but that's the field I had in mind and previously it never existed and there was a lot of discussion around it, where it seemed to 'break' at some specific point in the newer Linux Kernels and many were reverting to older versions to get better performance.
  14. The default is because it works for mostly all other situations. Your hardware just happens to need non-default values. There is a thread somewhere with all sorts of tests and peeformance numbers and lengthy discussion about this setting and what setups need different values. ... But because the built in search on the forums still sucks, I cant direct you to it.

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