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  1. Stale Browser Detection

    Perhaps at that point, the UI should detect that the session does not exist (since it does not match) and direct the user to a Re-Authentication/Login page?
  2. @cferrero make sure to edit your post in this thread to either change or remove out the rpc-password field, just in case someone can get to your server address. I was unaware it would have included that field. Now as to what preallocation is configured as ... A method of Sparse should be fine, however I have mine set to "2". I would try setting it to "2" and do a restart to set everything to a clean slate and see where it goes from there. For reference from a 6.3.5 system uptime of 78 days: USER PID %CPU %MEM VSZ RSS TTY STAT START TIME COMMAND root 10342 0.0 0.0 153296 596 ? Ssl 2017 0:00 /usr/local/sbin/shfs /mnt/user0 -disks 14 -o noatime,big_writes,allow_other root 10352 0.1 0.0 1514560 19240 ? Ssl 2017 157:46 /usr/local/sbin/shfs /mnt/user -disks 15 2048000000 -o noatime,big_writes,allow_other -o remember=0
  3. Could be related to sparse files and how transmission is configured, possibly prepopulating/preallocating the torrents. Post up your transmission configuration settings.
  4. @limetech , @jonp , @eschultz How does one disable the display of user Avatars on forum posts? Why would I ever want to do that you ask? It's because I'm noticing extremely annoying ANIMATED avatars used by new users that I find extremely distracting to the point of them ruining the forum experience.
  5. Best 8TB Parity Drive?

    Based on actual evidence and actual usage of the drives in an array, The Seagate Archive drives are not slow so long as you don't hit the random write wall.
  6. copying 27tb from server a to b

    Depending on specs, enable TurboWrites on the destination server will make a sizable difference on speeds.
  7. And how many suffer data loss from drive failures in a Windows PC? The point of unRAID is to keep your data safe. Imagine how irate users would get when they add a drive to a file server designed to protect your data and it doesn't work? They won't care that it's not unRAID's fault and that they had faulty hardware. They just want their data to be protected. Just something to think about. I completely see the point of the endless support headaches caused by preclear not functioning properly.
  8. What use is having a list of non-routable IP addresses? That's all that would be in the unraid DNS zone. ie: or 10.0.0.x or whatever local ip the server has.
  9. Submit this as a defect report to LimeTech then.
  10. unRaid 6.4.0 DNS Naming and SSL Certificate Aliases

    The <hex-hash-code> resolves to what is typically non-routable addresses for IPV4, such as 10.x.x.x or 192.168.x.y, depending on what you have set for your server. I don't know if they have it resolve to IPV6, which could possibly be routable from anywhere.
  11. Perform Parity Check on Old Version Backup on Old Version of USB Boot Device Backup on Old Version of Docker Settings Upgrade to New System Quick system functionality tests including Dockers/VMs and shares. Perform Parity Check on New Version At least that's the quick list of steps I can see being useful.
  12. Forum vote for blocking

    Oh, then you hadn't seen the old forums when there was THOUSANDS if not Tens of THOUSDANDS of Spam Posts in the span of an hour. That was obscene.
  13. Have you tried consulting one of the many Astrologists recently advertised here?
  14. Forum vote for blocking

    Who knew this place would turn into a haven to solve all your astrological or gem and gold medalist needs? How about simply preventing new users from posting external links or auto-moderating posts from new users with external links? That single setting seems to deter enough of the spambots to make it a win-win on the forums I admin.
  15. Correct. The exploits can be used with simple javascript. No need to jump throigh multiple exploits to expose. Through I suppose that means the unraid system runner would need to select to run said code somehow.

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