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  1. unevent

    UPS Help

    Suggest taking your numbers and plugging them into the size/runtime calculators at APC, Cyberpower, Tripp-Lite, etc. and see what it recommends for you. Stick with a sine wave output UPS or one with sine wave output for use with PFC power supplies for best experience/performance.
  2. unevent

    6TB Toshiba X300 2 year warranty $112.99

    Toshiba N300 6TB w/3 year warranty is $174 at Amazon.
  3. unevent

    Own cloud - which?

    If you are wanting to sync your phone to unRAID there are better ways to handle that and there numerous apps for the phone too. I have Android and use SyncMe for photos, videos, documents, etc. I do use Nextcloud on unRAID, but I mainly use it for family calendar using SolCalendar app on phones (in a Virtualbox VM, not Docker). I have the Nextcloud app on the phones, but that is just for syncing pictures as they are taken. The bulk backups are synced using the SyncMe app. I have a share called Backups and under that a folder for each device.
  4. unevent

    [Support] binhex - SABnzbd

    In Sabnzbd adjust the min free space setting under 'config - folders - minimum free space for temporary downloads folder'. Probably set at least double what you expect the largest single download to be. Another option is to put in a disk using unassigned devices to only use for download processing.
  5. https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/51307-acpi-spam-in-syslog/
  6. unevent

    CPU upgrade time

    I was looking at it from CPU (passmark) upgrade point of view, not GPU. Regardless, it is the best you can do when keeping current board. Even if you don't use the GPU capability the one suggested has the best numbers out of the choices available for your configuration.
  7. unevent

    CPU upgrade time

    The A10-7890K is about the best you can do with your board. Is it reasonable? That depends on how much you want to spend. DDR4 is crazy money right now which prohibits an economical upgrade as it can cost as much as a board and CPU by itself. If $150-$175 is what you want to spend then the 7890K is it and will be a noticeable upgrade from what you currently have.
  8. ...or not use a DNS forwarder at all, run your own resolver.
  9. unevent

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1500x - lscpu shows 1 core

    Noticed "acpi=off' was added to the boot command line options. That was a workaround for early 2017 Ryzen BIOS/kernel issues and I believe in 4.11+ kernels, especially 4.14 that your on now it should not be necessary and is most likely the reason only one core is being detected/used. If I am incorrect someone will most likely say so. Suggest removing that option from the boot command and reboot then post a new diagnostics.
  10. unevent

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 1500x - lscpu shows 1 core

    Post a diagnostics file.
  11. unevent

    Dual nic w. LACP only achieving 1 gbit?

    I do not believe 802.ad will split up a single transfer over all links. If you start a second file transfer you should see near 2Gbit, assuming source and destination are capable of reading/writing at that speed, support of 802.ad on both ends plus the switch(s) between. Round-robin (balance-rr) will send the packets over all links in a round-robin format where you will see your 2Gbit speeds on a single transfer, however, out-of-order packets/flow control, etc. impacts SMB performance, while NFS w/TCP will see better results. Also not supported on Windows after 7, only on Windows Server flavors, and Linux.
  12. unevent

    Windows XP SP3 VM - No VGA Driver

    Kaby Lake and newer CPUs only supported by Windows 10 per Microsoft announcement in April of 2017. Your last option for XP support would probably have been 1155 chipset which was Sandy/Ivy Bridge. Maybe some 1150 boards/CPUs. Can always get an add-on GPU that meets your needs and pass it through.
  13. unevent

    The Power Supply Thread

    In my opinion, for your current build a 550 would be sweet spot. For your future build, if going with say i7-8700 and 1070ti and what you listed then your choice of 750 seems reasonable. Solid choice on the FSP. Adjust accordingly for what you expect to have for future CPU and GPU as those can vary the requirements the most.
  14. unevent

    Is this APC Smart-UPS any good?

    EN/IEC61000-3-2 limits the amount of harmonic current allowed (reflected) back onto the mains (supplies greater than 75W). It has slowly been adopted worldwide and is good reason why active PFC has become more prevalent and more efficient and also why it has become cheaper because most do not use lossy large inductors and expensive high voltage capacitors to perform the task rather performed with specialized silicon controller ICs. PFC corrects the phase error caused by inductive loads where the current and voltage waveforms do not follow each other. The more phase error the lower the power factor and the more harmonics result on the neutral that are reflected back into the mains supply which can affect other equipment. Closer the PF is to 1 the less harmonics on the mains and the more sinusoidal the input remains.
  15. unevent

    Docker Container Author Subforums

    I think the OP request to simply group containers by author would be as far as I personally would want to organize. The forum search function, at least for me, does not work very well and I end up having to search the forum from Google. Searching 'binhex plex' gets me exactly zero results, yet I can go to Google with those two words and find a link to the container thread as the first result.

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