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  1. Networking help, not specific to UnRaid

    Between a gig client and 100 client the speed is reduced to 100 during the data/packet transfer. Gig to gig is for the most part unaffected same as 100 to 100. A gig server and a gig and 100 client transferring data to/from at same time will affect the gig somewhat due to flow control.
  2. Forum vote for blocking

    I'm getting spam via forum messaging - unacceptable! Sent from my ASUS_Z00AD using Tapatalk
  3. Cheap UPS?

    20 sounds good.
  4. Had my eye on Park Place Dang Intel...
  5. I don't disagree there, it is just a platform as I said. Take a step back - the enabling apps and the platform itself are on the same forum and integral to the official LimeTech user forum. Just an opinion based on the obvious given this thread's title, no need to start a holy war.
  6. Not to put on the tin foil hat or anything, but a lot of unRAID is closed source and is obviously a platform to enable pirating of a multitude of things given the majority of the Dockers made available and advertised on this forum. Wouldn't be far fetched to think LT has or will be contacted at some point to embed code and the users not know about it. Just saying
  7. I got $10 Monopoly cash that says 20...
  8. Mastercard or Visa
  9. Intel Processor Design Flaw

    'Kernel memory leaking' Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign 'A fundamental design flaw in Intel's processor chips has forced a significant redesign of the Linux and Windows kernels to defang the chip-level security bug.'
  10. Be sure to keep the bike attached to it, otherwise too low to the floor to hang shirts off of
  11. Upgrade Drive Firmware

    I'd suggesting going to the drive mfg user forum and ask the question there. Most spinner firmwares I have done have not resulted in data loss, but why risk it? Have backups just in case.
  12. The Power Supply Thread

    Top notch design and manufacturer. Google for reviews as they are numerous and look at the build quality, quality of their boards, quality of their component choices, etc. There used to be a list of 'who's who' in power supplies put out by Tom's Hardware some years ago, but not sure if it has been updated in a while. Some better models of other brands are made by Seasonic. There are other brands that are good, but few actually design and manufacture their own.
  13. The Power Supply Thread

    Seasonic and those made by Seasonic is my recommendation. If you really need 750W, Newegg has some sales and rebates on several that are that size, but they are Gold vs. Titanium. Assuming you are in the US, Seasonic PRIME Ultra 750W 80+ Gold, fully modular, 12 year warranty, $109.99 (sale ends this coming Sunday), $20 rebate brings final to $89.99 (free shipping). The same in Titanium would be $180. I don't believe you would ever realize the ROI with that price difference as efficiency is only around 1.5% better with Titanium vs. Gold.
  14. Pegged out half the cores according to the GUI? Was eight cores detected and eight prime95 threads started? If it is just the GUI then may be already discussed elsewhere as @1812 mentioned.

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