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  1. Stock cooling is not great for the drives but with a few modifications it is excellent. Basically I sealed off the drive cage and modified the cage to add another 120mm fan between the power supply and cage as a bottom intake. See here. Silverstone CS380 Compact Mid-Tower 8x4TB Hot Swap
  2. After looking at dozens of 4U case and I always like this one too. Sucks my rack is 24" deep and the case is 25". I ended up mounting my Silverstone CS380 on rails in the bottom of the rack. I swapped the left and right panels and reversed the hard drive cage fans to pull air up from the bottom. It takes up 5U though and only has 8 hotswap + two 5.25.
  3. [Plugin] ControlR

    I removed freeipmi package. Still have this errorUnable to wait for process to finish: exit status 1 Removed ipmi plugin and was able to start. Edit: It's probably because I use a network ipmi connection and not the local kernel mods.
  4. [Plugin] ControlR

    I tried that before. This is the output: root@Server:~# /usr/bin/bash -c /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/controlr/controlr -port 2378 -certdir '/boot/config/ssl/certs' -showups I: 2018/01/20 06:23:14 app.go:55: controlr v2.7.1-313-0b63a2b-v2018.01.19a starting ... I: 2018/01/20 06:23:14 app.go:63: No config file specified. Using app defaults ... I: 2018/01/20 06:23:14 core.go:73: starting service Core ... 2018/01/20 06:23:14 Unable to wait for process to finish: exit status 1 root@Server:~# It's the same with your shortened command also
  5. I compile them or add them from a trusted repo to the NerdPack repo. This isn't the case with borg but sometimes newer packages may conflict with unRAID packages so they aren't updated. In the case of borgbackup, I compiled that myself. I'll try and update that one when I get a chance.
  6. [Plugin] NUT v2 - Network UPS Tools

    Unless using complete manual mode the conf files are overwritten using info from /boot/config/plugins/nut/nut.cfg. To me it looks like there was something wrong with your nut.cfg, possibly edited with notepad or another editor that isn't compatible with Linux. I'm not sure why moving to 6.4 broke it though. The disconnects are kernel related and I get them to, even on a fresh reboot with no nut. I even had to disable usb3/xhci in the bios. But they should stop after the nut driver connects. You can also set the display settings at the bottom to manual and enter in your UPS values to get an estimation of power used.
  7. Model Number: Corsair Force GT Model Number: Corsair Force GT Model Number: WDC WD7500BPKX-00HPJT0 Model Number: WDC WD40EZRX-00SPEB0 Model Number: ST4000DM000-1F2168 Model Number: WDC WD20EZRX-00DC0B0 Model Number: ST4000VN008-2DR166 Model Number: WDC WD40EZRX-00SPEB0 Model Number: TOSHIBA MD04ACA400 Model Number: TOSHIBA MD04ACA400
  8. Yes under Settings/Identification/SSL Certificate Settings. You could also change your OpenVPN to a different port.
  9. No this would create too many support issues and would only partially work. While the basic mp4 download will work any other extraction e.g. mp3 or formatting will require dozens of other packages. I believe there are dockers for this and I saw one for JDowndloader2 too.
  10. for unRAID 6.1+

    Thanks. I fixed the logic and changed the wording
  11. for unRAID 6.1+

    Sorry for the confusion the Alert is actually a Warning so it follows the warnings settings in Notifications. I initially set it up as alerts but I figured should be more of a warning notification. So I'll change it to read Enable Warning Only Notification: But anyway, it will display the failure(s) in the message next to [Fail]. Either Ping, Download and/or Upload failures. The thresholds for download and upload are for the lower limit. So if you speedtest falls below 10 or 5 you'll get a notification.The ping will notify for anything over the ping you specify. Which one is failing? What are the settings when it failed and what are the results?
  12. for unRAID 6.1+

    NerdPack doesn't inherently install anything. You have to go to Settings/NerdPack and select the packages you wish installed and click apply. They will be installed immediately and on reboot. I will put that in the pop-up notification also. In the future I plan on allowing plugins to call NerdPack or the repo to install packages like python2. No need to worry about version.
  13. [Support] brettm357 - UniFi

    Thanks. Update went smoothly. I updated from 4.4.17 to 4.4.18 also. I was still having problems with IPS and DPI saying no data on 5.7.12 and 4.4.17. Seems to be working better now.
  14. The speedtest plugin is looking for /usr/bin/python You have to go to Settings/NerdPack and toggle on python-2.7.14a-x86_64-1.txz and click apply.

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