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  1. No Israel??

    BTW, Istanbul is now Ukraine
  2. No Israel??

    When I pick up 'Jerusalem' I see 'Palestinian Territory' I don't mind if some of the contributors joined the BDS, but is it possible still to have Israel on the map? Is Tel-Aviv in consensus at least??
  3. Don't see my UPS via 'lsusb'

    Hi Sorry for the 'extra large' size, used my phone previously I want UPS to report about its runtime, battery level, so that, say, if it is running more than 20 minutes on the batteries, it will initiate a graceful shutdown of the array Better if it can run more than 20 minutes Sometimes during the day we have constriction works in the area and there are days with extreme electricity interruptions Regarding my current 'Back-UPS Pro' - I will check if the cable is to blame.. Given that it is get resolved How different is Back-UPS Pro from Smart-UPS in this regard?
  4. Don't see my UPS via 'lsusb'

    How can I be sure that the following model will work with unRaid? APC Smart-UPS 1500VA SMT1500I
  5. Don't see my UPS via 'lsusb'

    I connected the cable to my windows laptop, and APC's original PowerChute does not see the UPS either Bad cable?
  6. Don't see my UPS via 'lsusb'

    Hi I found an original cable and connected "APC Back-UPS Pro 1200" to a free USB port. lsusb does not show anything What is wrong here? - cable? - UPS? - something I didn't connect properly? I tried few other ports..
  7. UPS Recomendations

    I get just warning communication lost.. How do I check it is detected by unraid?
  8. Random freezes/crashes/resets V 6.4.0

    Any chance to fix the 'S3 Sleep' plug-in?
  9. UPS Recomendations

    Hello I have BR1200GI. Which cable should I use to connect it to unRaid? Then in unRaid, do I need to install anything else, or it is just supported by APC built-in module? thanks
  10. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    I have a 'screen' from NerdTools, unlikely it will cause any issue (I used it merely when I did rsync to upgrade from reiser to xfs) Parity speed as well as stability is now back to normal since I downgraded to 6.3.5 Due to lock-up, to me it seems like something related to this Spectre fix
  11. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    The only thing there I have is CrashPlan docker & NerdTools Everything else is stock, can you elaborate what should I do/see then? It is a "production" system with all my data on it (albeit backed up in the cloud for most critical files), the parity halt raises an eyebrow.
  12. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    Not just GUI and SSH did not work, the parity process, which started after mounting due to the hard reboot, stuck after 5 min (!) I did not try safemode Besides the lockup, there is an obvious speed issue, could it be related to the recent cyber processor fixes? Do I need them at all?
  13. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    Thanks, that will resolve the console issue on IPMI, but what's for lockups? Am I the only one here?
  14. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    It is a lock-up, there isn't much I could do before hitting on the power button I have Supermicro X11SSH-F with Xeon E3-1270 V6 and 64GB Samsung ECC memory. Strange that when I connected to IPMI port, the console image was not shown as well (?)
  15. [6.4.0] No network overnight. Edit: lockups

    Continued: After reboot and mounting the array, started parity check. Noticed that ~180 MB/sec speed for 6.3.5 dropped to below 70 MB/sec in 6.4.0 But the system after 5 minutes locked up. Didn't see any lights of the working disks during parity process, and of course no network Some kind of lock-up Went back to 6.3.5 and re-run the parity check So far so good

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