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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will check via IPMI If errors will repeat, I will open the box.. don't like it at all. I am a software guy
  2. Yes, that's quite expensive ECC RAM. I have 4 DDR4 ECC UDIMM, 16GB each In the meantime I rebooted the server, and now it is clean It is on warranty I believe, .. maybe it's worth running memtest?
  3. yes, it looks like a memory fault. but everything works fine. and I did not see this error before 6.5.2
  4. I have every second this message.. after the upgrade to the newest release. Did not have this before
  5. michael123

    Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    I also thought that's a problem with the spedtest, however it turned to be an issue with my router config - I had to turn on hardware acceleration
  6. michael123

    Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    I have a 1000/100 connection and get 700-800/130 via speedtest
  7. michael123

    Spin Down Bug

    I have the same behavior, but don't use S3 plugin
  8. Thank you Works perfectly
  9. Thanks, is there an option to use IP address rather than dns entry for the host? .. or it just generates a relative url
  10. I need to enter full url, and the window is not resizable :-(
  11. I tried few options.. How do I exactly define this tab, that will connect to the box via its IP using port 4200?
  12. Great work! Is it possible to replace the (non-working) built-in Terminal? Too many clicks to invoke the shell..
  13. Thanks, it indeed works and much better! Not as fast as putty, but acceptably well. Is it possible to assign it to the 'Terminal' button?
  14. MC is not just sloppy, mouse does not work. Most of functional keys do not work

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