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  1. Spin Down Bug

    I have the same behavior, but don't use S3 plugin
  2. Thank you Works perfectly
  3. Thanks, is there an option to use IP address rather than dns entry for the host? .. or it just generates a relative url
  4. I need to enter full url, and the window is not resizable :-(
  5. I tried few options.. How do I exactly define this tab, that will connect to the box via its IP using port 4200?
  6. Great work! Is it possible to replace the (non-working) built-in Terminal? Too many clicks to invoke the shell..
  7. MC within inbuilt terminal session is sloppy

    Thanks, it indeed works and much better! Not as fast as putty, but acceptably well. Is it possible to assign it to the 'Terminal' button?
  8. MC within inbuilt terminal session is sloppy

    MC is not just sloppy, mouse does not work. Most of functional keys do not work
  9. 1) It is been almost a week since this post was written, and you see no reply from Lime 2) Where is Tom? Is he still around? 3) I am working with unRaid for maybe 10 years. My emails to lime (my first hardware was built and purchased from Lime) are answered sometimes after a week. 4) This forum is exceptional. There are few people in particular who's knowledge and willingness to help are extraordinary. I doubt if I could upgrade my server without the help here.
  10. SSDs as array drives question

    I had a chat recently with the guys who develop all-flash NAS, they told me that there must be specific algorithms developed for this kind of media. Optimize writes to minimize wear out. Besides you need specialized hardware, and honestly I don't think unRaid was built for speed
  11. Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    That's what I have in my log for the last run of scheduled job - Feb 14 02:00:01 Vault speedtest: Internet bandwidth test started Feb 14 02:00:11 Vault speedtest: Host: Feb 14 02:00:11 Vault speedtest: Feb 14 02:00:11 Vault speedtest: Internet bandwidth test completed
  12. Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    If it keeps happening try selecting the previous speedtest version 1.0.7 in settings but it does work manually (?!)
  13. Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    Did you try a manual test? Also try applying your settings again. Yes, manually it worked fine and filled the history grid
  14. Speedtest.net for unRAID 6.1+

    For last 3 days or so (since the last update probably), history shows zero upload and zero download
  15. With everything setup right, you don't need to do a thing on an unRaid server What needs to be setup is merely the router - i.e. LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, etc

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