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  1. Doubts about cache drives.

    Speaking from personal experience, best case scenario, I would suggest purchasing a second SSD and having one for cache, and one for your VM. If the VMs rarely operate at the same time, they can probably share the SSD. If they are both in use at the same time, you might even want to consider separate SSDs for each VM as well. If purchasing extra SSDs is not in the cards, then I would use the SSD for the VMs, and 7200rpm drive for cache. You'll still get a "faster feel" when writing to the array, because the 7200rpm cache drive should still perform at or above network speeds (gigabit), and you'll get a much snappier performing VM.
  2. Fantastic! I still haven't found the time to do the upgrade on my end. Hopefully it will work for me as well when I do!
  3. [Support] - SABnzbd

    Thanks for reporting back! Glad to hear you solved it!
  4. [Support] - SABnzbd

    Hmmmm... I've never had that problem (Though the Sab forums have some threads about it)... What are you using to find files? Sonarr? Sickbeard? They have built in file organizing as well. If you are using them, how about removing the Sab sorting function, and instead have one of those programs do the sorting/moving? If that doesn't work, another option would be to install the Filebot docker and have it do the sorting and moving for you. It can watch specific folders, and do any renaming and moving and deleting that you want. You get a lot more control over the process with Filebot, and that might solve your problem...
  5. Suggestions for a Physical KVM

    Nah. Nothing fancy. I first tried a few older cards I had lying around, and of course, none of those worked . I ended up buying 2 others (but returned them both for no loss. Hurrah!) before settling on the ones I have now. The macOS card is good for work, but not games, while the Win10 card is decent enough for medium quality settings in most games, but is nothing fancy. It's funny you mention crypto miners. Earlier this week for fun I looked into seeing if I could make any money mining with my card, since the server is on 24hrs a day anyways, and most calculators projected a loss of $50 a year to run it (at current prices)! Sigh.
  6. Suggestions for a Physical KVM

    Nothing worse than an upgrade making what was once easy, a pain in the a$$. Goodluck!
  7. Suggestions for a Physical KVM

    No worries! I was pretty lucky in that my onboard USB controller and my pci-e USB controller passed through rather painlessly. I have one onboard controller for unRaid, one passed through for my macOS, and the addon USB 3.0 card is passed to the Win10 VM. I think it's partly luck of the draw. Some boards just like to lump a bunch of stuff together in the same IOMMU group, and it makes it a real pain to work with. I used archedraft's excellent guide for passing through USB controllers using hostdev, and it worked without a hitch. Honestly, my biggest problem was getting my video cards to passthrough properly. I went through 3 or 4 different cards until I found the perfect fit
  8. Suggestions for a Physical KVM

    I've passed through the entire controller to each VM. One of my VMs is macOS, and it's quite particular about passing through individual USB components. Generally easier to just passthrough a whole controller. Also, as I run both VMs simultaneously, passing through just the dongle wouldn't work anyways, as once in use in one VM, it wouldn't be available to the other.... I suppose you could use the Libvirt Hotplug USB plugin to switch the dongle between VMs, but that adds another layer of complexity I wanted to avoid. I needed to keep the system as simple as possible for family-wide acceptance . Passing through the whole controller also provides USB plugs for both VMs for things like USB keys, charging devices etc.
  9. PSU?

    I think people are concerned because there doesn't seem to be much track record for the PSU in question. General wisdom is to buy a high quality PSU from a well known manufacturer, so though this PSU looks great on paper (single rail, good warranty, modular, quiet), due to it being relatively unknown, it feels like a risk that could be easily avoided by purchasing a PSU from a well known, well reviewed manufacturer. As you say, warranties can be tricky, and even though this PSU does offer a great warranty (7 years), I'd rather buy a PSU that has a track record for not dying and taking a few components with it... This may be a fantastic PSU, but why be a trailblazer? Without an established record, you have no way of knowing how good or bad it is. Of course, that said, you've already bought it, so let's hope it works out! Who knows, perhaps you'll be one of the first buying a product that turns out to be on the recommended list in five years . EDIT: I just found a remarkably good review for this unit. Looks like the internals are all substantially better quality then they have used in the past. Personally, I would still not have bought it until it has been around for enough time to establish itself as a solid PSU, but it's promising that they've used great parts to build it.
  10. Suggestions for a Physical KVM

    I'm using a simple 2-port usb switch and a logitech wireless dongle to switch keyboard/mouse between my 2 VMs. Same idea for video. I have 2 2x1 (2 inputs, 1 output) HDMI switches that let me switch back and forth between dual monitor setups for each VM (Or have one VM on each screen and just USB switch as required). You could implement the same setup, just using 3-port or 4-port USB and HDMI switches. Not the fanciest, but works well, and simple enough for the less technical folks in my house to use without my help. PS: Your sig shows you using Unraid 4.6...
  11. [Support] - SABnzbd

    That's too bad :(. Have you confirmed you can manually create and delete files in the location you are trying to save to? Also, can you post a screenshot of your settings for Sab docker? Not sure about setting the user for Sab... Someone else might need to weigh in for that. For the record, I have never needed to do that and my Sab has been running without issue.
  12. [Support] - SABnzbd

    Could you expand a bit on this? When you say "auto delete folders", what's the use case/situation? People might be able to help if we knew the whys. As you're posting in the Sab thread, I assume it has something to do with Sabnzbd...
  13. [Support] - SABnzbd

    I'm not sure if this will permanently solve your issues (If something is setting permissions incorrectly), but you can try running newperms in terminal on the folder where it is trying to save the output to see if it is a permissions issue. newperms /mnt/user/share/folder Obviously rename "share" and "folder" to the correct names
  14. My Windows 10 and Sierra VMs are running without issue on 6.4 with full video passthrough, but I haven't finished my High Sierra install quite yet. I just got the install USB drive sorted out. Hopefully this weekend! I'll report back with my success or failure
  15. If this question is for me, I have basic vga from the motherboard, but no on-chip video.

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