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  1. Home network upgrading

    Yes for today, but you wanna start build 10GbE network, switches are at reasonable prices now, this for example will cost about 400usd https://mikrotik.com/product/crs317_1g_16s_rm
  2. i had only one failed flash drive - and this was because of heating issues inside a server - flash drive was on port on the MB. I replaced flash with online procedure and then placed it outside a server on a small USB hub.
  3. I had the same config some time ago - when i rearranged PCIe Cards and placed one very close to internal USB port, USB Stick starts drop out and then completely dies. i replaced it for new one and noticed the same drop outs.. then i put it outside a server on usb hub, and all is working since.
  4. 10 gbe which card?

    agree, but don't go wrong with cable - some works, some dont, it depends on your switch too.
  5. see here about vt100 - http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Configuration_Tutorial#Preclearing_With_Screen
  6. i think, you need to reflash it without a bios..
  7. Searching for Motherboard

    if you can go with used stuff, then there are forum threads with successful built systems on dual E5-2670 v1 with Supermicro X9. Including me, see my sig for details for example. and yes, i'm still on ESXi with unRAID as VM..
  8. i used some LAG on my free ESXi server some time ago with 4port Gigabit network adapter. keep in mind that you cant exceed 1Gbit for any single connection in ESXi, but, if you have multiple VMs, then each VM can use separate NIC, so it work just in parallel. For now, i'm on 10Gbit network on my ESXi..
  9. Preclear plugin

    just use a script insteed. each have their own approach of testing drives..
  10. i meant switch firmware... but lights on the card side is blinking? i'm out of ideas then..
  11. but light on the card side is blinking? just verified on my switch - a have very similar CISCO-TYCO cables. as i wrote, they don't work with my mellanox cards, but is working just fine with Brocade cards. are you on latest switch firmware?
  12. try to find out what a cable model it is. i have the same Mellanox card, ubiquity ES-16-XG switch , and it refuses to connect with Cisco Active DACs, but works just fine with Brocade Active DACs..
  13. what is a Cable and your Switch manufacturer/model?
  14. what is a switch model, and what cable are you using?
  15. Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    sure. openVMTools_auto62.plg

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