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  1. uldise

    Search Within a Forum/Topic/Thread

    thanks for your link! and according to topic search - i think it's possible with this extension too, just turn on advanced option where you can select site sub-directory..
  2. uldise

    UPS Disconnects from USB port

    i think it will hurt, if your server need's to shutdown on power outage, but UPS don't talk to server to do that because of USB failure..
  3. uldise

    UPS Disconnects from USB port

    i have one APC Smart Ups 750 that starts USB disconnection dance when it is under heavy use on battery. i think it's because of high temperature, this ups have no fan inside.. so maybe you have a similar issue?
  4. uldise

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    @guruleenyc ahh, my memory was something wrong - see here for example: https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/49672-solved-unable-to-assign-drives/?do=findComment&comment=488986
  5. uldise

    ESXI Shows High Mem Usage

    Yes, i passed my IBM1015 too to unRAID VM. just looked at my ESXi unRAID VM, i have 8GB memory assigned to it. and ESXI server reports: - Active guest memory 8192MB - Consumed Host memory 8250MB if i look in unRAID, it reports memory usage 16%. as i wrote, if you pass your HBA to unRAID, you need to reserve all assigned memory to that VM, so on Esxi side it will be always 100% memory usage.
  6. uldise

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    i have one unRAID VM that boots from vmdk and this vmdk shows in unRAID as Unassigned device. as i have unassigned devices plugin, i can easy mount it in unRAID. one more thing to prove: on ESXi VM configuration under Advanced settings, have you enabled this option: disk.EnableUUID = "TRUE"?
  7. uldise

    Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    Zeron's one is no more maintained, so it will not work with unRAID 6.5... read some posts above, there are new method to install open-vm-tools. see here for example: https://lime-technology.com/forums/topic/36603-open-vm-tools-for-unraid-6/?do=findComment&comment=659537
  8. uldise

    Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    No, just stay with plopKExec, it works just fine. BTW, which plugin are you installed? there are more than one..
  9. uldise

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    just curious, if you reboot your unRAID, can you boot it still to old version? cos i don't see your vmdk too. but i think, just try plexKExec route
  10. uldise

    ESXI Shows High Mem Usage

    i think you mean 4GB for unRAID VM? per your sig i see you have IBM1015 - have you passed it to unRAID VM? if so, then your memory usage is just ok, cos you need to reserve all 4GB memory to VM in ESXi.. is that true?
  11. uldise

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    yes, and you should copy them to vmdk.. BUT, as i wrote, it's much easier to boot unRAID with plopKExec. you will not need to copy over files every time after unRAID version change.. just download this(https://download.plop.at/plopkexec/plopkexec.iso) iso, copy it to your ESXi server next to you unRAID VM files, assign it as CD-Rom, and boot from it - when it boots, it selects your unRAID flash drive and continue to boot unRAID..
  12. uldise

    ESXi 5.x - pre-built VMDK for unRAID

    /boot is a flash drive. which method are you using to boot unRAID ? you can use ploKExec to boot from their ISO image, and then you don't need any VM boot image..
  13. yes, this was a question a asked them next: "if i don't need NVME SSD as boot device, but just wanna use it as VMWare ESXi datastore, do i still need a bios support for it?" and they replied: "Unfortunately, no." so i really did not understand their answer, and was not asked any further..
  14. anyone else with Supermicro X9 and PCIe bifurcation?
  15. i think it is not so clear. i asked SM support some time ago about their AOC-SLG3-2M2 which is very similar and also need PCIe bifurcation to work properly. Look at the answer: I'm sorry to tell you that you are not able to use the NVMe SSD with your current system since our X9 series only has BIOS that supports EFI only or Legacy only. You can try it out with your own discretion. To use NVMe, you must have PCI-e slot where the NVME SSD installed with EFI enabled. Otherwise, the system will not detect it, usually there is an option to set only one slot as EFI if you need Legacy for your other cards, but since this X9 board is relatively old it must not have that feature. Our X9 motherboard series only has BIOS that supports either Legacy mode only or EFI mode only, you can’t combined. Add-on Card AOC-SLG3-2M2 only compatible with the following motherboards as shown below. It will not work with any other motherboards and you can try it out with your own discretion. https://www.supermicro.com/products/accessories/addon/AOC-SLG3-2M2.cfm i'm not sure about my other cards: i have one IBM 1015 and one QLogic BR-1020 10Gbit Ethernet card.

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