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  1. coppit

    Xeoma - Surveillance Software

    Whoa. My SageTV and UNRAID worlds are colliding! To be honest, I'm not very familiar with USB devices and docker. This post seems to suggest that you can pass the devices through. The container is based on Ubuntu, so you could try getting into it with "docker exec -it xeoma bash" and installing USB drivers there. Heck, maybe it will "just work" without any special drivers, being "universal" and all. If that works, I could see about including those drivers in the container. But to be honest, USB cameras are not that great. I would get HikVision cameras, which are affordable, have good features, and support power-over-ethernet. Then maybe get some powerline adapters to provide PoE and also networking over your power outlets. Something like this and this.
  2. coppit

    Xeoma - Surveillance Software

    Sorry. That was a goof on my part. I just pushed a fix. As soon as the container rebuilds on the hub, you'll have the fix.
  3. coppit

    FileBot containers

    Thanks everyone for helping folks to enable the UI. I appreciate the assistance. I've updated the first post to this thread, so hopefully people won't have to keep asking.
  4. coppit

    Xeoma - Surveillance Software

    I saw this too. After I rewrote the download code, it went away. Not sure if I really fixed it or not. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread in case anyone sees it again.
  5. coppit

    Xeoma - Surveillance Software

    They changed the format of the webpage that I was using to get the latest version information. Good news though... I did some sleuthing into how Xeoma itself learns about new versions, and found the XML endpoint where they publish the information. With that knowledge, I rewrote the code to use that endpoint, which should be a lot more reliable going forward. As a bonus, I also exposed port 10090, so if you want to add the web server feature to your camera workflows, you can access Xeoma through the web browser as well. See for more details.
  6. coppit

    Xeoma - Surveillance Software

    Yeah, it looks like the website switched from http to https. (That's why downloading it manually and saving it as the .tar.gz worked.) I just pushed an update that hopefully will fix it. However, I'm still having trouble getting my container to start. I'll work on it before I have to catch a plane. Let me know if the latest version fixes the "stable" and "beta" download methods, please. Be sure to delete the contents of the downloads folder and update your conf before trying it though. Otherwise it will use the cached .tar.gz
  7. After updating to the latest version, the container doesn't seem to lock up. (After 2 days, at least.)
  8. Did you set it up using the SpaceInvader One approach? I had to hard-reboot my server, and after a few days it ended up the same way. I'm wondering if a log or something is causing the container to lock up after a few days.
  9. coppit

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Maybe if the feed can't be reached, issue a warning but let people use the cached app list? I'm all excited to try out pihole for the latest SpaceInvaderOne video, but instead I have to do Easter stuff with my family. :-)
  10. coppit

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    Is the update server down? Loading the apps tab fails the refresh.
  11. coppit

    FileBot containers

    Did you set USE_UI to true in the config file?
  12. coppit

    FileBot containers

    If the script or config files update, the container exits and asks you to compare the new files versus yours. I don't think you're looking at the right git repo. I'm not the most prolific coder, but there have been changes the last few weeks.
  13. coppit


    Yep. Bug is fixed. Fixed that one too. Yep, sorry. I hereby issue you a full refund. I'll check that out. It didn't exist when I started this container. If it's better, then I'll drop mine from unraid apps. Part of the problem is that the GUI base image that I'm using is ancient. Looks like jlesage has a replacement that's probably much better.
  14. coppit


    Yep. It's a bug that I fixed in the latest version. Operating systems tend to try to keep useful memory around until there is pressure to give it up. It's also possible that the UI loads things it needs on first use. You can restart the container after every UI use, but in general I wouldn't worry about it. If you'd like, in the latest version you can set USE_UI to "no" in your config file, and it will disable the UI, resulting in 10x less memory and CPU usage. I noticed that the CLI version is good about giving up the memory after an encode is complete. The latest version disables the UI be default. If you wish to use the UI, set "USE_UI=true" in your HandBrake.conf file.
  15. coppit

    PCI and USB device resets

    More info... The keyboards not working I think were due to putting them both in the same USB hub. They're different brands, but apparently the wireless part is the same manufacturer. (They have the same device IDs.) The audio cuts out after a few seconds on a youtube video, but if I stop the video then go into device manager and disable/enable the device, that fixes it. While playing overwatch, the audio will stop then the whole game freezes for 5 seconds or so, then everything recovers, including the audio. I checked the Windows event log and there's nothing suspicious. I double-checked that the usb selective suspend setting is disabled in the power profile. I also checked that the root hub option to sleep the device is disabled. Is there any chance that the kernel is to culprit? I could try downgrading, but then I'd have to use the PCI config hack to get the GPU to work. (Dunno if it will even work.) Playing audio from the GPU works fine. With my intel setup, I passed through my entire USB controller, but with this setup, the IOMMU groups aren't letting me do that -- even with a PCI USB card. :-(

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