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  1. Not always because LT doesn't update it's build machine environment every time, I think.
  2. Just updated it to circumvent this error.
  3. Just read the post, and the problem is that @1812 is compiling the kernel against GCC version 8.1.1 instead of compiling it agains GCC version 7.3.0, the default version for unRAID 6.5.3. Will take a look to see if this can be fixed without broke all systems that use official releases.
  4. Very strange, since unRAID 6.5.3 gcc version is 7.3.0. Are you using any custom builds, like @CHBMB DVB?
  5. If you call "headache-free" an easier setup, then you're about right, there's will be a handful of solutions out there to satisfy you. IMHO, "headache-free" NAS OS is something that will never exist; or you have some workload in the beginning with a more complicated setup, or you will buy a pre-customized product that will be easier to setup, but may lead to catastrophic loss with the usage of non-friendly SOHO storage system, because RAID5/6/Z are enterprise-focused on data availability and integrity, not on data resilience. Windows, by far, is not suited to the task, I'm afraid. Maybe LT could make things easier by creating some "wizard" setup that asks where the user want to store it's downloads, it's movies and it's documents, and the docker system request the predefined value instead of letting the user choose every path. But this didn't take the merits of the product itself.
  6. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Nope, I'm using Tapatalk right now and didn't saw your PM. Sorry for that. Will take a close look soon.
  7. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Please take a look at the first post for "How can I download a copy of the plugin log" and send the file here.
  8. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Please send me the whole previews plugin log, please.
  9. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    You have to rename it too.
  10. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    It's the only one in the dropdown list?
  11. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Yes, just take a look at the first post of this thread.
  12. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Update 2018.05.03 just released. In my tests it fixed the "not zeroed" error. Enviado de meu SM-G955F usando Tapatalk
  13. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Joe L. script reads the disk in chunks. It reads, in a loop, n bytes and sum them up to verify it's zeroed. The speed you guys see on the cli is the read speed; in the gui you can see the whole operation speed (read + sum + verify zero sum). Enviado de meu SM-G955F usando Tapatalk
  14. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Nope, still testing it and will release it later this week. Enviado de meu SM-G955F usando Tapatalk
  15. gfjardim

    Preclear plugin

    Yep, that's the one. Enviado de meu SM-G955F usando Tapatalk

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