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  1. SavellM

    Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Getting the same, just posed on the other page. Will delete that post, thanks for the update
  2. 32GB ECC DDR4. Can easily expand to 64GB when I need. Running with 40TB space. No VM's just yet, but going to get a GPU and start with a VM or 2
  3. SavellM

    Rack mounted PC Case

    Wow that thing looks diddy for what i has inside! I'll take some pics of mine later, but mine is super spacious compared
  4. SavellM

    Rack mounted PC Case

    I actually ended up getting: The front fans pull air through the front and blow over the drives, and then another row of fans behind the drives pull the air from over the drives and push over the hardware. Its currently in a really warm room, and drives are around 33c doing a full on parity check, so constant use for a good few hours. But the fans are pretty loud for the room its in, currently moving so in the new place I'll put it in the garage where it can hum away as much as it wants.
  5. SavellM

    Rack mounted PC Case

    Awesome thanks for the links! Thats a great start. Any others?
  6. Hi guys, I'm trying to find a decent rack mounted PC case that can take full size GPU's, and around 6 to 8 x 3.5" hdd's. Does anyone have any ideas on any good ones? Was looking at In Win, but not quite sure what im looking at there. Also availability in the UK would be great. I'm planning on getting a 12u Wall mounted rack with 600mm depth. Any help would be great!
  7. SavellM

    Grafana + InfluxDB + UnTelegraf

    Yeah it seems that there is no web ui, but InfluxDB is working, so my bad.
  8. SavellM

    Grafana + InfluxDB + UnTelegraf

    @mkyb14 FYI InfluxDB doesnt work correctly on 6.5.1. Its installed and started, but I cannot access it by the browser, and Grafana cant add it as a DB as it cannot reach it either. Unless im missing something but I cant get it to work out of the box.
  9. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    Is it best to setup this container with using the Host as network to use the IP of the unRAID server itself? Wouldn't this be the best setup as then you know the IP and can set things up accordingly? This would also minimize some of these issues people are seeing? Unless im totally wrong here
  10. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    How do I get this unstable branch? I only see the current docker, and its pulling 5.6.30
  11. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    What about a parameter for stable docker (upgrades when you guys think its ready), stable unifi (when they release a new version) beta unifi (unifi beta version). That way user can decide, for me I'd run unifi stable. bonienl and you would run stable docker. That way everyone is happy Also any chance you could add Unifi Video while im at it PS I really appreciate all your dockers.
  12. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    I know. I have 5.7.20 running on a cloudkey already. I want to move everything to my unraid server removing the cloudkey, but i cant go back versions. I've also tested 5.8 on some test hardware and its been ok for me and my needs. But I'd like to at least get unraid version to 5.7.20. I'll happily take the risks of doing manual upgrades
  13. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    That kinda sucks, any way you could make an image with a config that people can pull new images from unifi? Or we have to wait for you guys everytime?
  14. SavellM

    [Support] - Unifi

    Can we that want to take the risk upgrade the controller version manually? I want to try 5.8. Is there a way to manually upgrade?
  15. SavellM

    [Support] - Lidarr

    Likewise, also getting the disconnects every 5mins give or take.

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