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  1. did you see a couple of posts up... There is a slight issue on the dockers that the author is addressing. The "extra parameters" tip solves it...
  2. There is nothing I can do to "fix" this as the template is working as designed, I am not sure that Limetech will change the operation of unRaid. The solution is to use v6.4 and giving the pihole docker its own IP address.
  3. Yep diginc docker update is broken :-( Change the repository to diginc/pi-hole:debian_v3.1.4 for a temporary fix until the request above is fixed.
  4. I have just updated it - thanks for the heads-up!
  5. Are you starting this from docker manager tab is ServerIP = the ip of the new ip for the docker that you have given it?
  6. Ben wrote this Node - would be best to ask him: BTW, You can find all sorts of flows and nodes here: You might want to look at BigTimer by Pete Scargill for controlling lights - It is what I use.
  7. yes - all in docker images. Influx/grafana is great for timeseries data. NodeRed (with NodeRed dashboard) makes integrating this very easy. Can create switches etc. the BigTimer node can be use to scheduler things (including offsets to dawn/dusk) Lots of nice videos on youtube if you are not sure how to use it.
  8. I just use voice (via Alexa) to control things. I have used Imperihome (android/ios) and NodeRed dashboard in the past
  9. I use: device -> mqtt -> node red -> influxdb -> grafana (dashboard) alexa -> node red -> (custom skills) I havent used Dashing for a while.... Data is still being sent to CouchDB but I may switch that off as I'm not really using it. Tony
  10. It seems that 6.4 unraid supports ipv6, pihole supports ipv6 but even when you choose (in the template) ipv6 = True, the options are greyed out....not sure... You could try changing the repository to point to one of the other builds - but I couldnt get the latest debian_dev to work. The template uses "alpine" although alpine_dev also works
  11. Nothing to do with the template as it just deploys the (semi)official docker image, thats all..... Here are the docs for it: . Can you see if this helps?
  12. @Mlatx I have just changed the couchdb v2 template so it should be picked up soon. If you cant wait, click edit on the icon and change the Repository to apache/couchdb
  13. I will take a look at this for you. I use 2.0.0 and have a _users db. I see that the registry moved hence the upgrade to 2.1.1 didnt happen. My template just fronts the dockers built by klaemo. It may take a day or two as I am travelling at the moment. Tony
  14. I use a non-standard port number with user/pass. The url is maintained by a dynamic dns service. You can also limit the Topics and actions by username to restrict access
  15. change flow to flows for each.... (keep a backup) ie to: flows.json flows_cred.json

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