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  1. Spare HDD

    If you buy a drive with say a "4 Year" Warranty then technically you have 4 years to let it sit before installing it and finding out it either does or doesn't work. So with that in mind you can buy all the Spare drives you want and have them sit or buy them as you need them. Totally up to you. However what I was getting out with my above answer. I typically don't buy a lot of spares simply because the warranty is "supposed" to start the day you buy it, not the day you install it. Its all a matter of what you can and can't live with. I just installed my last drive and I'm sure I'll pick up another sometime soon as a spare, but it more than likely be called a spare, but in reality it'll be something I swap out of an older drive that I've had installed for several years.
  2. Config for seeding torrents

    I use a separate machine all together. I have a windows box that does my temporary seeding and my unRAID machine is never seen.
  3. Spare HDD

    For me its a matter of how quickly can I get something. I have Amazon which delivers within a day or two. Also I have Fry's which I could easily just drive 45 or so minutes and grab another one. I guess the answer you have to ask yourself is how long can you stare at a drive unavailable but simulated error if a drive has an issue.
  4. Extractor Docker

    Was attempting to play with this. Looks like You have to do a lot of your own Mappings to get this to work. Like the Config and so forth Figured out the Extract path, but where do the files live after they are installed? Normally I like to put them in my /mnt/cache/system/appdata/ I am rather impressed how fast it works. Would you be interested in adding a few requests for example. Extract to a new folder Extract and delete Rar files Whatever else others come up with?
  5. Extractor Docker

    When I pre-process files for Medusa it auto Extracts, Renames, Copies Extracted file and Deletes all of the mess it left behind. However I'm always interested in Dockers or Plugins that make my life easier. I need something for my Movie files thou. I'd be interested in what your playing with. =)
  6. I bought this External dock to work on somebody's drive and I gave it a look see on unRAID and it works really well popped right up in Unassigned Devices Plugin. 2 Drives came right up fine and after 30 minutes of idle time they went to sleep. fire right back up when you attempt to connect to them using the Unassigned Devices Plugin. Speeds are pretty much on Par and I was able to Format, Transfer data via SMB and using Midnight Commander. I bought mine on a discount using the code I found here.
  7. Guiguinator build log

    Meant to post this for you, but I forgot. They are very similar in size and build. However the 212 runs faster and makes more noise. Yada, Yada, Yada. Also does not block my Ram.
  8. When I wrote tons and tons of data to from my SSD I would get periodic Over Temp messages from unRAID. To the point I was at dinner and was freaking out until I got home to check. You have to remember the default settings in unRAID are just that. Just defaults. I took some time and realized the temps for my drives was way off and adjusted them to allow for my heat since every drive manufacturer sets Normal/High/Low thresholds. As well I took a 5th look at my SSD and realized it wasn't getting the best air flow in my case and corrected that too. In the end everything was fine, but getting some messages from unRAID made me take a second, third look heck even 5th like I said to make sure things are where they should be. If something had of shut my system down because of a temp problem I could of lost some data simply because of a freak out that really wasn't anything. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying there shouldn't be something built in. I'm just saying we should check our own systems to make sure we are sitting in the Norm or out of the Norm.
  9. Plugin to check video integrity

    How/why are they getting corrupted should be your biggest question.
  10. Guiguinator build log

    I have this fan on 3 of my machines at home. Nearly the same size as the Hyper Cool 212, but a tad smaller and I'm really sold on its performance. At the bottom of their page they have a pdf you can print and fold it up to make sure clearances work on your build. Here is is on my Xeon
  11. I really like using unBALANCE and you covered it just Brilliantly.
  12. Thanks. I’ll take a look at that as well.
  13. Mis-Matched Drives?

    Also in the future you can pull any of the drives out and swap in “larger” drives as long as your Parity is the largest or Equal to your largest Data drive. Also you can mix and match Sata and IDE drives too.
  14. Lol I'll take a look at that. Seems way easier than my nightmare. So 2018..2014 basically is going to look through everything that is 2018-2104? I found a site talking about. Thanks for the direction. I knew I should of used a loop, but hey I was up late playing with this.
  15. I have all my files stored like such on my server for Media. Transformers(2007)(1080p) 2012(2009)(720p) Bolt(2008)(720p) Every once in a while the misses will ask me to load up a portable USB drive so when we travel we can have a copy of our ripped movies for on the go. I literally have pre-ripped every movie we have using HandBrake down to 2Channel 720pish in quality Normally I'll erase the portable and whatever the year is I'll simply via windows type in the year for this example it would be (2017) and it will show all the movies from 2017 which are the newest. The problem is I'm getting lazier and somebody will always say why don't we have this or why don't we have that from last year or the year before that. I did this up out of laziness that sorta suits my needs. To explain the below. First Off I set up a specific location on a Drive so I didn't have to retype if over and over. Then I established the current year so when the script sorts through my files its currently looking for all (2018) then it moves to all the (2017) and then on to (2016) on and on for 5 years. I'd like to go farther and farther back, but its a lot of typing. Then when it finishes the 5 years it erases whatever didn't fit on the drive or any empty folders. #Grab newest movies based on year and pack drive #Using Unassigned Devices fill in location SOURCE=/mnt/disks/General_UDisk DESTINATION=$SOURCE/Movies/ #Setup Destination Drive mkdir $SOURCE/Movies/ #This Year TODAY=$(date +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$TODAY*) $DESTINATION #Previous Year LAST1=$(date -d "-1 year" +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$LAST1*) $DESTINATION #Previous Year LAST2=$(date -d "-2 year" +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$LAST2*) $DESTINATION #Previous Year LAST3=$(date -d "-3 year" +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$LAST3*) $DESTINATION #Previous Year LAST4=$(date -d "-4 year" +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$LAST4*) $DESTINATION #Previous Year LAST5=$(date -d "-5 year" +"%Y") cp -Rn $(ls -dt /mnt/user/Travel/*$LAST5*) $DESTINATION #Find files that appear to not be complete and erase them find $DESTINATION -type f -size -1000k -delete #Find empty folders that didn't make it and delete them find $DESTINATION -type d -empty -delete The reason I'm sorting by year is When the misses says she wants to bring along the newest Movies she doesn't mean the newest to us, but the newest released movies. Meaning just because I Ripped a copy of Star Wars from 1977 yesterday, technically that movie is from 1977 not 2017. Anyways if anybody has a way to simply this please let me know. My goal is to pack a drive starting at (2018) then working all the way down until its full. My way is crude, but it only covers 2018-2014 without repeating the same few lines of code over and over all the way down to 1970 or whatever. Of course I don't have enough space to go back that way, but.........

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