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  1. Harnessing Heat

    Bahahaha My Kids decided they had to have a gaming rig and now my office aka my Server storage area is a sweat lodge.
  2. Strange unRAID disconnect problem

    Do you have a Static IP set on your server? Do you have a reservation set on your Router for your Servers IP? I ask because when I had two devices trying to use the same ip one it would do goofy things like your suggesting. Whey say connect. Do you mean via SMB, http://tower, http://ipaddresshere? What version of unRAID are you running? As well you should post up a diagnostic file.
  3. I just added (SOLVED) to your first post. 10 Minutes seems like a long time thou. However with all the differences in our machines who can really say what is Normal anymore. Glad your up and running thou.
  4. Install problem Unraid 6.4

    You could set the IP as static with 6.3 and then attempt to update to 6.4 and see if anything changes. I just highly recommend always using Static of DHCP becuase you can always find your machine by using verses http://tower if something goes wrong. For example sometimes I use http://tower and it works, but always works. Also like pointed out above. You can store your data like you are suggesting, but without parity "another" drive you will not have any protection if your 6TB drive fails.
  5. New to UNRAID and completely lost.

    I have mine setup like this using shares and telling it which drives to use because my OCD doesn't like letting the system totally do what it wants to. Also I do this simply to limit some drive spinning up. When I'm watching a TV show I don't need all 8 of my drives up and spinning so I cage them some by limiting which group of drives that may or may not spin up some. TV /mnt/disk1/TV/ /mnt/disk2/TV/ Movies /mnt/disk3/Movies/ /mnt/disk4/Movies/ /mnt/disk4/Movies/ Through the magic of unRAID I only see (TV and Movies) on my PC. Plex makes it even simpler for my Kids and my Wife who can care less about which drives what is on as long as they can click on an image on their iPad or TV. God Forbid I update anything while they are home or the wifi go down for the evening. You'd think the end of the world is upon us. Lol
  6. Have you attempted to boot into Safe Mode with no Plugins/Dockers running and let it sit over night since its been causing problems over night? As well you should post up a Diagnostic to let others look at your logs.
  7. unRAID and Kodi

    I used the same exact proc that you are using. However I just installed my files on the server and let each Kodi Client scan and keep their own databases. I didn't over complicate it with Central Databases or any other "In my opinion" nonsense. I later switched to Plex and and a more powerful machine and now to my Xeon and honestly I don't worry about anything, but that is just my story/setup.
  8. License extension for Pre Release versions

    Honestly I would contact Tom aka @limetech and just give him an ask. That's how I would address it. State your case and go from there. We all want the same results here. Stable and secure Servers.
  9. How are you all addressing 4k content?

    Exactly what I did for my iDevices and wifi. (((1080 and 720))) Created two libraries on Plex. My (HD) content is visible to all devices except my sons account who uses an ipad all the time and he has access to the (SD) content which is a 2CH Dupe of the HD. Advantages. No on the Fly Trans-coding with lower powered CPU's and no 8year old standing next to me saying "Dad, It wont load." However with my newer to me Xeon I can/might abandon this since it takes up a lot of space, but I'm not sure I want to delete 2years worth of conversion for the sake of adding additional space.
  10. Forum vote for blocking

    Honestly as long as everybody continues to report when they can it really helps out so we can take action. Obviously we can't all be online all the time or schedule who can cover what at, but with member help it really does go along way in combating this issue.
  11. [DOCKER] Handbrake GUI + Automation via CLI

    @Tergo247 Not to speak Ill of SparyBalls Container, but I'd give this a look see and see if this helps much. He's very open to requests and honestly it has been working flawless for me for a long time.
  12. Lol, did you loan it to him?
  13. Ok, these are just ideas on how I would address this problem. 1. Login to each machine via unRAID GUI interface and check each machines ip addresses and record. 2. Set each machine to a static ip address. 3. Login to router and set those two address's as reserved You can also verify the address of each machine by using console. ifconfig The problem your having with your second machine I had the same issue when I had my Nest Thermostat and my server attempting to share the same ip address. When I had two servers setup I had a bizarre problem as well using Tower. I ended up just addressing each machine as their IP and avoided using Tower, but changed each machine one to Tower and the other to XEON to avoid it, but make sure them IP's are conflicting.
  14. Multiple Disks Missing on reboot

    As well do they share the same power cable? Like said make sure they are being seen in your Bios on Boot Up. Thats typically a very good indicator there is a problem if it isn't.
  15. Dynamix - System Temp

    Did you try what others have tried in the above mentioned post? Worst case it might be a decent work around until something is either fixed or..............

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