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  1. kizer

    [Request] Auto mover upgrade

    For the record @Squid Developed it. I just like taking all the credit for his efforts. No seriously its all him. I think I nearly have everything hes created installed lol.
  2. Could be a few things, but Diagnostics would really help. You sure you installed your AppData Folder on an SSD or a HardDrive and not Ram? Also I'd make sure if you have it on a SSD as a share you have it set to Cache only so its not being moved to one of your Hard Drives in your array. You wouldn't be the first nor last to forget that setting.
  3. kizer

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2-rc1 available

    Yeah some how I did earlier, but noticed that playing around with updating my Dockers. I've always wanted that on the Dockers and Plugins for easy fast help or simply seeing what others might be doing. Nice Job man.
  4. kizer

    unRAID OS version 6.5.2-rc1 available

    Discovered the Context Menu on the Dockers today. NICE!!!!!! Makes it so much easier.
  5. Totally get it. I personally just use my PiHole Docker to serve everything else on my Network. Aka all of my other devices. My unRAID machine just routes straight thru and I did that to insure if any list ever gets changed that anything running on my unRAID machine never gets blocked. I thought at one time that docker updates was being blocked until I remembered I'm not using PiHole for DNS routing for my unRAID machine.
  6. I have my machine to maximize parity checks meaning I have things scheduled on the Second and if I have anything scheduled and running with the User.Scripts Plugin I have them set to not run during a parity check. However I can't stop the family from watching videos via Plex when they want to. Sure Fast Parity Checks are kinda cool, but lets face it if we stress out about our servers constantly then they are no longer fun.
  7. Yep I however do not have my unRAID using my pilhole for its DNS. Just in case you are.
  8. I have my CA backup set for the 2nd of every month myself just to insure this doesn't happen.
  9. kizer

    Library File Conversion Help

    Is there any reason your not just letting Plex deal with this all on its own? I guess the reason I'm asking is I'm confused to exactly what your trying to accomplish in the end. Are you limited to just using your unRAID server or are you willing to use a PC or Mac to do this. Long time ago I can't remember the name of the app, but I did some batch MKV'n because I had several files that was ISO's to MKV's so I know there are app's that will batch convert. I'm sure you could use FFMPEG too.
  10. kizer

    [Plugin] CA User Scripts

    I got a message stating that my Parity Check started this AM and I thought well I better shut off my regularly scheduled scripts. I double checked my scripts and realized they are not running and realized I used #noParity=true on all of them and never had a chance to really tested it. Well Test complete and everything seems to be delayed like I wanted them to be. Thanks @Squid
  11. kizer

    FileBot containers

    Edit the files in your FileBot folder. filebot.conf # Run the UI in addition to the normal non-interactive behavior. The UI uses about 460MB of RAM, as opposed to about # 20MB of RAM. On my machine it uses .33% CPU instead of .03% CPU. RUN_UI=no <------- change this to yes if you want to use the GUI. I personally don't. I just drop my files in the watcher folder and forget about them. To change the way your files are outputted when they are moved to your outgoing folder Just in case you get confused to where these files are mine are in the following location. /mnt/cache/system/appdata/FileBot/
  12. kizer

    new split level

    Personally I just played with the Split Levels and when I started figuring it out I used unBALANCE plugin with the Gather Option to pull them together on any drive I wanted to re-locate them to as I realized my Split level mistakes.
  13. kizer

    How to easily delete "@eaDir" files

    Or your could simply move them from where ever they are to a folder. I do that to my cache drive so I can browse and delete. find /mnt/disk1 -name "@eaDir" -exec mv {} /mnt/cache/destination \; Yes I do that to each disk at a time often just to have more control.
  14. kizer

    How to automate torrenting

    Using FileBot you can use the Copy vs Move.

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