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  1. that's not ours (linuxserver's) resilio-sync that's limetech's
  2. [Support] - Radarr

    there is no way to change to nightlies with our image in our experience nightlies often break more than they fix if you must use nightlies the Radar readme has a link to another image that uses nightlies should also add have no idea about whether you can migrate existing appdata to the nightlies docker and is certainly not something we support
  3. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    nothing to worry about "errors" from syncing that are safe to ignore
  4. [Support] - TeamSpeak 3

    chmod +x on those too and don't run the damn newperms script again lol
  5. [Support] - TeamSpeak 3

    have you run the newperms script at any time recently ? but to fix from the unraid terminal cd to your appdata folder for this container and run chmod +x ts3server
  6. [Support] MarkusMcNugens Docker Repository

    this would be better off here
  7. [Support] - CouchPotato

    spin up the container and it's in the general section of the settings tab right at the top
  8. installing docker dependencies?

    yeah pick something simpler another way to add dependencies is to use FROM blahblahblah RUN add some shit via appropriate package manager
  9. [Support] - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    @Sensei73 we have a separate repo for arm images refer to our main list here for available images list on the right is for armxx images and any ending --aarch64 are for aarch64 only
  10. unRAID OS version 6.4.1 Stable Release Available

    trying to update docker images using either advanced buttons or the blue update link per individual image results in an orphaned image and no container this appears relevant in the log Feb 3 12:08:59 Unraid-Nas [6503]: The command failed. Error: sh: /usr/local/emhttp/usr/bin/docker: No such file or directory<br>
  11. [Support] - Mylar

    /Comics is not the same as /comics in linux you need to use /comics
  12. [Support] - daapd

    you don't need the webui to use it it just makes pairing a remote and connecting to lastfm easier
  13. [Support] - daapd

    building forked daapd from master and attempting to use it results in constant crashing and restarting of the service rendering it useless the release build of 25 does not contain webui and trying to access 3689 results in asking for user/login the current build uses that port in this manner (ie not for webui)
  14. [Support] - Musicbrainz

    postgres doesn't work on a fuse mount (/mnt/user) use either a direct drive mount (/mnt/diskx/"location") or the cache drive
  15. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    no love for old people / short sighted folks !!!! not loving this new bunched up drive stats look

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