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  1. Plex Media Server library missing after restart of server

    ok here you go thanks!
  2. Plex Media Server library missing after restart of server

    ok ok please forgive me. I was able to get plex installed via docker. i know this has to be easy but i cant firgure it out nor can i find the answer online. I know it has to be there somewhere. i have like 20 tabs open and have been trying to find the answer for several days. I cant point the plex library to my share titled "My Movies" if I browse to add the folder through plex webgui i cant navigate out of "/var/lib/plexmediaserver" I tried to manually type to my movie folder using "/mnt/user/My Movies" and im sure thats wrong. it must be wrong because its not scanning my movie library. any ideas? thanks
  3. Plex Media Server library missing after restart of server

    ok ill try that and see what happens..thanks
  4. Plex Media Server library missing after restart of server

    See how little i know. I dont even know what a docker application is...haha its from a plug in from @PhAzE * It looks like docker apps have a lot of benefit. Perhaps I need to look into installing that instead of the plug in?
  5. I tried searching and searching for days but i cant seem to find an answer. I know its just my lack of knowledge but everytime the server reboots i have to readd my library so i can watch on my roku and apple tv. i cant be the only this is happening to?? Yet I cant seem to find a solution. Can someone help me please. thanks *Unraid 6.3.5 Plex Media Server PlexConnect (uninstalled until I can figure this out)
  6. [PhAzE] Plugins for Unraid 5/6

    why wont plexconnect autostart? I see plexconnect uses port 80 i just checked my go script and its set to 8080 for my server. can someone point me in the right direction please? thanks
  7. Change emhttp port

    im trying to configure plexconnect and all of this is over my head but im trying...can someone recommend a good port number to change from 80 to what??? thanks
  8. [PhAzE] Plugins for Unraid 5/6

    is there a step by step to get plex working through roku to get movies from my unraid v6? preferably a walkthrough for dummies...i found something for version 5 but im not sure its the same for 6. thanks
  9. i know this is old but thought id post this incase helps someone in future...i "reset" my windows 10 and couldnt access server via windows explorer checked everything and eventually realized my network had been set as public. so i changed to private and all good..
  10. does preclear make drive run hotter? {SOLVED}

    Yeah thanks for the info. It does appear however that my first 7200rpm drive was running hotter than my current one. So i feel better about it now lol
  11. does preclear make drive run hotter? {SOLVED}

    so im about hour thirty into parity and new drive is at 40. Still my warmest drive but its only 1 degree warmer than my second highest temp drive. The ambient temperature has dropped from when i started posting this so thats why its down to 40 but i dont think the range is as great. my coolest drive is 34. the warmest ones are the parity drive 1,2,3 basically so ill look into that area to try and provide something to keep it a little cooler. since this is the second drive im more comfortable with the temps and all that. I mostly wanted to be on the safe side. so ill continue to monitor it. The chassis fans appear to be how they should be to keep the case cool . Thanks again everyone
  12. red icon on disk not sure why {SOLVED}

    well i replaced the drive with the same exact drive i did before and the red dot has gone away. Im not going crazy i swear ive done this before and like i said its the same drive. I keep an unplugged extra drive mounted in the chassis. So i will RMA the WD Red drive and take it from there. Thanks everyone!
  13. red icon on disk not sure why {SOLVED}

    There is a free 'trial' license for v6 (limited to 3 attached devices). Downside is it would need renewing every 30 days. thats kind of a pain but maybe i can at least do it as a test and see if it changes anything with the disk...still waiting to rebuild the disk. im running a preclear on another disk so ill post again after i rebuild
  14. red icon on disk not sure why {SOLVED}

    when i start the array everything appears to work normally except i cant do a parity check of still going to rebuild the drive one more time just in case....other than that im not sure...i was going to upgrade to v6 but theres no more free license key anymore
  15. red icon on disk not sure why {SOLVED}

    meant to post unmenu screenshot too...sorry they were the same...fixed now

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