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  1. New Storage Build

    Thanks Johnnie for mentioning the LSI 9207. Didn’t know it was pci-e 3.0. I always assumed that I needed a LSI 9300..
  2. Any vendors in UK still in business?

    <fanboy mode on> X-case build server systems, but I'm not sure if they build unRAID systems. I suggest just ask them. They have a very good webshop, and support is very fast / good! I ordered different server chassis at there web shop. Highly recommend webshop. </fanboy mode off>
  3. Webshop selling server chassis

    I'll find Inter-tech a bit expensive for what I'll get. If I look on the Xcase site it look if the build quality is better from there selling server chassis, but true it's hard to tell from a picture. I have a storage room where I can put a server rack. I owned a HP sever for awhile and there was something wrong with the firmware that result in screaming fans. Damn it was like a F16 jet engine. So I know rack mounted gear make more noise, but appreciate your concern. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Hi, I'm considering coming back to unRAID after using a Synology, and also searching for best possible setup. I want to use a 24 bay chassis. Xcase located in the UK has some nice chassis with expander and without expander backplane. No sure yet if I follow the expander backplane option. I'm also looked at a motherboard of Supermicro that are server graded boards. I'm considering the socket 1151 or the socket FCBGA 1167 platform. Also using VM's, Docker, Plex, etc and Apple. I will follow your topic with interest!
  5. Okay, clear. I apologise..
  6. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    From share to share on the unRAID server? Then you copy the file locally so the file stays on the unRAID server and you do not copy over the network.
  7. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    Do you have another server? Connect it to the same connection your unRAID server was on. Now you can try to copy a file from your desktop to that server, and see if it is a network issue or a unraid issue. Like Johnnie said try to rule things out.
  8. horrible transfer speeds (Solved)

    I suppose it's not your switch, cause if it was a 100Mbit switch the you'll get transfer speeds of 12MB/sec
  9. Webshop selling server chassis

    Okay, thanks! The UK is still part of the Euro zone I thought.. So there is not hassle yet with import taxes..
  10. Webshop selling server chassis

    So I assume your experience with this webshop is good?
  11. Webshop selling server chassis

    Found another webshop selling chassis in the UK.
  12. If the times come when ssd's of 50TB are affordable what speed do we get with these ssd's? Because ssd's are faster as hdd's. I assume that the sata interface is also the limit. So that should be again 4x600MB/s = 2400MB/s (theoretical). 80-100MB/s single link. That's a pity cause the ssd's are a lot faster. I'm not sure if a expander chassis is a good idea...
  13. Is this a driver issue? So it is fixable?

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