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  1. bonienl

    [solved] cpu pairings ?

    Your first processor uses cpu 1-10 with associated hyperthreads 20-29 Your second processor uses cpu 11-20 with associated hyperthreads 30-39.
  2. You need at least select the ports to which unRAID and your router are connected as "tagged" on your switch. As explained in the excellent story of @ken-ji tagging those ports creates a separate communication from unRAID to router. AKA an isolated network. On your router configuration of port 3 looks alright. It allows both untagged traffic (br0) and tagged VLAN 4 traffic (br2). You have correctly defined br0 and br2 as different networks and to let them talk to each other, traffic is 'routed' by your router, which allows a container (192.168.4.x) to talk to the server (192.168.1.x) unless you have defined firewall rules on your router which prevents or limits this communication.
  3. bonienl

    Discount on unraid

    I was talking about development AFTER you purchased a license. All updates and new functionality comes for free to existing users. Of course you are free to ask the question, but the people on this forum are not the ones who can honor your request, they merely express their opinion. You can always send an email to Limetech with your request and reasoning.
  4. bonienl

    Clear all Data and Files

    Correct. Power down the system Replace the disk for a new one Power up the system In the main menu assign the new disk to the slot of the old disk Let the new disk rebuild Wait until rebuild is finished, this will take time (be patient)
  5. bonienl

    Device error?

    These kind of messages appear when the communication between controller and disk isn't stable. Usually it is a bad SATA cable, or the cable isn't properly inserted, or it might be a bad port on the controller. Have you tried? 1. Re-insert the SATA cable(s) 2. Replace the SATA cable(s) 3. Move to a different controller port
  6. bonienl

    errors in syslog - anything important?

    Those error messages in your first post are about resending web information between client (GUI) and server (unRAID). A reset indicates to start again with communication exchange. Is expected to see if client and server have a misunderstanding between themselves, e.g. some packet loss or corruption. Can be ignored unless you have difficulties with the GUI, e.g. it is hanging.
  7. bonienl

    errors in syslog - anything important?

    diskload is the script which calculates the disk I/O speeds for the GUI. Nothing critical.
  8. bonienl

    Hide devices by PCI address

    It's more for @eschultz
  9. Difficult to say if this is a bug. How to reproduce? Any notification in the history must have been sent out, that is how the current implementation works.
  10. bonienl

    Docker update doesn't check for wrong time

    It is mandatory to set the correct time on the system, preferably sync'd with NTP, otherwise multipe functions are not guaranteed to operate properly.
  11. bonienl

    Discount on unraid

    You are not paying me anything for all the development hours which I and Limetech put in unRAID. In that respective $59 is tiny.
  12. bonienl

    Windows 10 VM loses network connection

    I only do remote desktops, have no experience with GPU passthrough setups, maybe somebody else can comment.
  13. bonienl

    Windows 10 VM loses network connection

    As a test I copied a 6 GB file from my server to my Windows VM, it can sustain a 120MB/s transfer without a problem. Have you tried to install the latest virtio driver?
  14. I can't really tell what is the cause of your problem, but bridging is an essential part of VM working. It is a must have requirement to let VMs talk to the outside world. I have not seen any similar reports as yours and *if* it is a widespread thing sure a lot of users will complain because of the basic requirement to have bridging. From own experiences I can only tell it is working fine without any delays on the different VMs that I am ussing.
  15. bonienl

    [Support] - Unifi

    I have this container running on a custom network (br1) with a fixed IP address and my devices can always adopt. I made sure my USG router which acts as a DHCP server announce the Unifi controller address. These are my router settings.

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