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  1. bonienl

    Openvpn WebUI not available

    ZeroTier make remote clients appear as if they are all in the same network. You should be able to do a directory listing of an unRAID share, the same as doing it locally. See
  2. You may want to try ZeroTier (see associated docker container for more details and instructions). It allows to build a VPN without the need to open (forward) ports on your router. I haven't tried this, but there is a ZeroTier client for Android and IOS, which together with ControlR should give mobile access to your unRAID server from anywhere.
  3. bonienl

    Unraid WebUI not showing up after reboot

    The nginx web server is not started. Try to start it manually: /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx start Ps. It is recommended to upgrade to the latest unRAID version 6.5.3
  4. bonienl

    Openvpn WebUI not available

    Not an immediate answer to your question, but an alternative way to set up a VPN between two or more locations is by using ZeroTier (see the associated docker container with detailed instructions). The advantage of ZeroTier is that it doesn't need port forwarding on your router and avoid potential server attacks. ZeroTier clients can be installed on different machines, windows, linux and mobile making it easy to connect to your unRAID server from anywhere and with anything.
  5. Docker itself is unaware of the IP addresses handed out by your regular DHCP server. If no explicit DHCP pool is configured, docker will simply start with the first IP address in the range (usually .1) as assignment. This may or may not interfere depending on your current IP assignments. It is safer to set up a docker DHCP pool, which is in a range not used by your router or other devices.
  6. Uninstall the preclear plugin.
  7. Main interface (eth4) and VLAN interface (br4.34) work completely independent from each other. And each may have different settings. As @ken-ji suggests the easiest approch is to uncheck br0 under docker settings and assign the same network settings to either a VLAN interface or another physical interface. If you don't specify a DHCP pool then docker will do DHCP assignment which may interfere with your router DHCP server.
  8. bonienl

    unRAID OS version 6.5.3 available

    The message appears as soon as one moves to another page in the GUI.
  9. bonienl

    Super Confusing USB issue

    Drive letters may change when Linux is restarted. unRAID recognizes drives by their serial number and should be able to rebuild the cache as before. Can you post your diagnostics?
  10. bonienl

    Unraid 6.5.2 - Docker Fatal Error?

    Looks like a problem with your USB device. Shutdown your server and take the USB device out, let it do a file system check on a Windows machine and repair as needed. You also may try to put the USB device in a different connector, preferably USB2.
  11. bonienl

    Seagate targeting Q4 for 14TB TDMR Drive release

    I am in the process of replacing 4TB for 10TB disks, but it seems disk prices are on the rise again...
  12. bonienl

    Seagate targeting Q4 for 14TB TDMR Drive release

    You make it sound 12TB is already old technology. I wish I have these "laying around" but my latest search ended up empty handed.
  13. The next unRAID 6.5.3-rc2 release will have the latest kernel fixes, might be interesting to test for those who have these IP call traces.
  14. bonienl

    [Support] - Plex Media Server

    You can disable the avahi service on unRAID. See the file share.cfg in the /config folder on your flash device. Set the below and stop/start the array: shareAvahiEnabled="no" If you are running a mainly Windows environment then avahi is not really needed.
  15. bonienl

    [support] spikhalskiy - ZeroTier

    I added this member manually (using the node ID given in info), and now it works Thanks for helping out.

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