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  1. With "retain all" the list of devices is simply prepopulated for you. You can make changes afterwards, but most assignments will be already correct, saving you work
  2. Yes, you can do a New Config with retain ALL. Then select parity is already valid when starting the array. No ill effects.
  3. Setting WWN to automatic should have worked with this controller. You may want to file a defect report and refer to here (6.4 has some changes in regards to SAS support).
  4. Are these disks connected to a RAID/SCSI controller? If yes, you may try the Dynamix SCSI Devices plugin.
  5. The error message suggests you run out of RAM memory, though 8GB should be enough. Try your suggested memory switch and see if that makes a difference.. As a precaution you could check & repair your USB device on a Windows or Mac computer to ensure it is free from corruption.
  6. Change setting Display world-wide-name in device ID to Automatic. See Settings -> Display Settings.
  7. Thanks. The script didn't take into account systems which report their memory size in TB Corrected.
  8. Need help setting up docker IP's in 6.4

    Sounds like Docker got out of sync. Use the below to let Docker rebuild all networks rm /var/lib/docker/network/files/local-kv.db /etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart
  9. Use the below to let Docker rebuild all networks rm /var/lib/docker/network/files/local-kv.db /etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart
  10. I need to change the width calculation in the plugin to make it fit for your screen resolution.
  11. Just rolled back to 6.3.5 from 6.4.0

    In addition to the proposal of trurl a couple of things you can do before upgrading 1. Your flash device have (had) some corruption. Use a windows machine to do a repair to make sure it is clean 2. The Preclear plugin is known to cause issues. Uninstall it 3. Several packages are loaded from the /extra folder. Temporary rename this folder 4. Temporary comment out the file copying in your go file
  12. Just rolled back to 6.3.5 from 6.4.0

    You would be surprized how little you need to do when starting clean. Start with posting your diagnostics, it will give more inside in what you have currently running and installed.
  13. Just rolled back to 6.3.5 from 6.4.0

    People having these out of the ordinary issues should try a clean install of unRAID 6.4 as suggested by You can keep your super.dat and *.key files to have the disk assignments and license as before.
  14. Upgraded to 6.4, no network, no webGUI

    You also start several scripts from your go file. Have a look at these. In general it is recommended to keep your go file as virgin as possible. I second the advice of and start with a clean install. It helps getting rid of unnecessary files and folders from the past.
  15. Did you try starting in safemode? Plugins which are known to may cause issues are: - Preclear - S3 sleep Uninstall these plugins for the time being. Please post diagnostics.

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