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  1. To make full use of the notifications system the user should set up mail or agents to receive notifications (the type of notifications is selectable). To make the user aware that some configuration is required the notice is given.
  2. It seems most (all?) of your call traces come from pi-hole. Let's start with comparing the settings of pi-hole and see if there are noticeable differences. I am running pi-hole on a separate interface (br1) and have given it a fixed IP address ( This IP address is used both as management and DNS address. My router is the DHCP server, and it has a configuration to tell that clients in my network must use as DNS server. Since pi-hole internally only knows interface "eth0", it is told to use and listen only to that interface. pi-hole information is stored on my cache pool (/mnt/cache/appdata/pihole)
  3. [Closed][6.5.0] Adding new ports to docker

    With custom networks there is no port mapping required.
  4. Can't download dockers or update them'

    It is recommended to upgrade to unRAID version 6.5.1-rc. The RC version has fixes for known problems with Docker in 6.5.0 (and other enhancements)
  5. Sorry for this inconvenience It is supposed to look like this
  6. Parity Drive - Useless without other drives?

    The parity disk itself does not contain any files or folders. It holds the calculated checksum over the data disks. You can simply insert a new parity disk and do a parity rebuild, no user information is lost.
  7. [6.5] Unexpected change to icon search paths

    Added a reference to /path/image_name for backwards compatibility. Should become available in next version.
  8. Upgrade banner needs confirmation

    I added a confirmation window which allows the user to proceed or cancel.
  9. [support] limetech's docker repository

    There are known issues with Docker in version 6.5.0. These are resolved in the 6.5.1-RC version. It is recommended to use the latest RC version.
  10. Docker br0 communication

    If containers need to access the same disk resources, then path mappings is the answer as you already indicated. If IP communication is required the workaround is to use a second physical interface or VLAN interface, and configure this interface without IP address for unRAID. Under docker settings this interface need to get a different subnet assignment used for the docker containers. Keep in mind that communication between unRAID host and containers now runs via your router, and depending on your router's performance may impact throughput.
  11. [Support] - Tautulli

    Docker does not allow host mode to talk to macvlan (custom) mode. You'll need to change PMS to br0 too (and give it a fixed IP address).
  12. Feature will come in a future release.
  13. [Support] - Tautulli

    Works for me. Make sure the correct IP of PMS is set in Tautulli, and if both applications are in different IP ranges, make sure PMS is configured to allow the different IP range of Tautulli.
  14. Lost Network Access to Unraid Server

    And to make br0 available you need to enable bridge mode on the interface eth0.

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