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  1. My imagination?

    No need, simply shutdown the system, replace the drive, start the system and assign the new drive, then start the array.
  2. Also have a look at the Tonido docker, it allows remote file access without the need to open ports on your router/firewall.
  3. User shares are accessible to a VM just like any other computer on your network. Within a VM you can map a user share to a drive letter.
  4. With unRAID 6.4 it is emhttpd which keeps track of the array status, including parity process, it updates in the background the file /var/local/emhttp/var.ini every second. The GUI will update the screen each time with the latest information stored by emhttpd.
  5. Temperature on Seagate disks not shown

    A problem (in the past) was that quering SMART information could interfere with the normal operation of the disk. This was mostly noticable when a parity check was done and parity check times could go up considerably when (too) many SMART queries were done at the same time. The default value of 30 minutes was taken from a recommendation of smart tools, but in practise this is quite a long interval to see results in *near* real-time. In general it is safe to lower the interval to a couple of minutes. Making the interval too short may again have impact on the normal operation of the disk though. The GUI reads the information obtained by the emhttp daemon, it doesn't query the disks directly itself.
  6. Max NICs unRaid will recognise

    There is no limit set. Some people use more than 10 interfaces.
  7. Can't browse - Version 6.4.0

    2GB of RAM is stretching it, would recommend to upgrade to 4GB.
  8. Looks like dmidecode is too optimistic about the memory configuration of your board.
  9. What is the output of dmidecode -qt16
  10. network showing down

    Delete the file "network-rules.cfg" in the /config folder on your flash device and reboot the server, this will re-assign the interfaces.
  11. network showing down

    The output of ethtool is empty in your diagnostics. Can you try this command from CLI and see if it gives an error message?
  12. unraid vlan vm only

    Current implementation of unRAID has the GUI and SSH enabled on all available interfaces or VLANs. To limit access it is required to create restricted access rules on the router. We are also looking into limiting GUI and SSH access to the management interface only.
  13. Dynamix - V6 Plugins

  14. Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Ok. The default value for the setting Tunable (poll_attributes) is set to 1800 (=30 minutes). This is a relatively long time to poll SMART information and update the disk activity state. You could lower this to a value of 3 to 5 minutes to have it more 'real-time'. Note: a shorter polling time may affect normal disk operation.
  15. Dynamix - V6 Plugins

    Do you have your cache disk directly connected to an onboard SATA port, or are you using a controller card?

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