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  1. Just to close this off - the way to kill mover in process is to execute kill -9 $PID Where the $PID is the process id from PS -aux | grep mover (first column) This finally kills mover
  2. Extended Attributes Fix

    Thread Resurrection I'm sorry - however I had problems with a couple of extended attributes - this was the one line recursive fix I applied to all files on the Cache drive: find -type d -exec setfattr -x user.org.netatalk.has-Extended-Attributes {} \; and find -type d -exec setfattr -x user.org.netatalk.Metadata {} \; Once I'd removed these attributes (& turned off AFP in the shares) this meant mover could execute again
  3. Just to add to this - I did exactly the same thing - I just added the second cache drive into the pool and this left the first drive in an indeterminate state. I tried removing the second drive from the pool and it still said the first drive needed formatting - eventually I rebooted and then removed the first drive from the pool entirely and then re-added it and then it recognised the correct drive format and the cache drive was fine again. I'll move the data off the first cache drive initially - recreate the cache drive as a pool then move it all back again. I thought this would be a walk in the park - i was wrong
  4. [ARCHIVE] binhex docker repository

    YAY! updating now thanks!
  5. [ARCHIVE] binhex docker repository

    Ditto on this - unfortunately plex released a new version of their player on iOS last week and its encumbent upon version or later. Welcome an update - thanks,
  6. Just to say I'm experiencing the same issues - I've just disabled ipv6 on windows 10 (fresh upgrade from last night) and its not made any difference. Its not an issue except to say that its blurring the logs for me tracking down the slow afs on OS X.
  7. Thanks for this - looks like a really good plugin - I am having problems though I cant get it to successfully start I'm running the latest build (rc12a) and I already had mysql installed - the installplg steps went through fine, my problems start when I try to start the app. (I've checked/confirmed advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml btw) It just doesnt start listening on the right port - so I tried to fire the app from the terminal using : sudo /mnt/user/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/.apps/xbmcsalud/xbmc-server --no-test --nolirc -p This is the message I get : /mnt/user/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/.apps/xbmcsalud/xbmc-server: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory any pointers welcome

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