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  1. 13 sata ports

    Thank you very much, I did not realize that you could make on the fly changes. I will add my new hdds to the NAS, and move my files over as I go so I will not span any of my music that is already on the hdds too.
  2. 13 sata ports

    What I meant by the last part was assuming you cannot make share changes on the fly... I was thinking I would have to copy the files to a new hdd in order to change the share settings. Is this necessary or can i do it on the fly? I read it earlier when I set it all up. I will reread it. Thank you for assistance.
  3. 13 sata ports

    If I want to not have it span the hdds... I would still need to have extra hdds equal or greater than my current setup, correct? I ask this because when I set a playlist up for music or videos, they could be on different hdds since I have it set to span.
  4. 13 sata ports

    I ordered the card, and should have it soon. I have a few other questions... 1: I would like to change my hdds from span ing a file over all hdds to having files on specific hdds to minimize power consumption. I have about 20tb in files. Would I just install enough hdds to be able to move the files over, and then copy the files over? Then after this was done change the designation for each of the old drive to not span? 2: I have a lot of HD movies ripped, and was wondering how others deal with storing them to the hdds. Do you do A-G on one hdd, and so on, or?
  5. 13 sata ports

    Installed the new cables, and my 4tb (unknown boot capable), and my 6tb (old working parity hdd), will not I am looking for another card now. I found one for 8 hdds... Would this be a good one to get? I sent a message to the seller to find out if it needs to be flashed for use with Unraid, as I do not have a PC with PCI slots... I have. Nuc (I do have pci slots...just only on my new UnRaid setup). Here is another one which was refurbished, but is flashed. Suggestions?
  6. 13 sata ports

    No I didnt know that, I will look for the 16i.
  7. 13 sata ports

    I ordered a full set of new power cables, and some more new sata cables. If this doesn't solve the problem... I will order a new card for the sata hdds. Is the one I listed on Amazon a good one for internal expansion?
  8. 13 sata ports

    How about this card for my setup? Would I need any special cables or anything else to use it? there a max size of hdd with these? I read somewhere else that the firmware needed to be upgraded to use with 3tb hdd, and I am using 6tb, and planning to eventually moving to 8 or 10tb hdds.
  9. 13 sata ports

    Thanks, I had hot swap bays in my last setup...not sure if they will work in the new tower or not.
  10. 13 sata ports

    Thanks, I will double check the cables. Strange thing is the computer has not been touched since the drives were installed for UnRaid.
  11. 13 sata ports

    Disc is connected via sata 6 cable via asus motherboard. all that was changed after new drive inserted, and old parity hdd was installed is the update.
  12. 13 sata ports

    Should I reboot?
  13. 13 sata ports

    Interesting... Everything was working fine until I downloaded the update to 6.4.1, Once I did that it lost the 1st parity hdd. So I directed it to the hdd, ran parity again, and it was fine..rebooted, and it is back to not working for parity 1. I then ran through parity again, and it is still no parity 1...attached file.
  14. I was using Kodi, but I am back to using Plex again.
  15. 13 sata ports

    Parity 2 is done now, and everything appears to be working fine. UnRaid is telling me to upgrade to the latest version...are all the bugs out of it yet?

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