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  1. If you have this card, it should already be in IT mode! That's what HBA refers to!
  2. Tower cases with 5.25" drive bays top to bottom...

    This case is discontinued? Aplus, as a manufacturer, is also not present on the net anymore? You could fit a third of those "build-in-cages" as far as I can see from pics?
  3. Where does disk encryption stand?

    Well, that brings us back to topic... It keeps the encryption key memorized and reduces the risk of an unscheduled parity check due to power outage while in s3 sleep. I would also opt for a full shutdown but unlocking the server without a remote solution is impracticable. Not sure if linux supports S4 sleep (hibernate). Edit: @pwm's reasoning is also very sound
  4. unRAID® by country

    I think it's both from 2013.
  5. Where does disk encryption stand?

    Wouldn't it make sense to unmount the array before sending to sleep?
  6. Where does disk encryption stand?

    Yes, I'm using that plugin already but with the option to power off instead of sleep. How is the status of the array during sleep? Mounted or unmounted? A power outage during sleep will trigger parity check?
  7. Where does disk encryption stand?

    Thanks, that could be an option if the sleep works Unfortunately S3 sleep is sort of "casual" so I decided to use "power off". Have to test how S3 is working in my case.
  8. Where does disk encryption stand?

    Due to recent enterprises in the field of empowerment of state authorities with regard to supervision, I'm seriously considering encrypting my data. I want to make sure nobody can access the data if the server is taken away. As far as I could follow the discussions here, the current implementation would drastically reduce usability, because we use the server on demand via WoL. The server sits in the basement and typing the passphrase each time is not an option. Storing a keyfile on the USB is not very reasonably by obvious reasons. I was thinking of integrating the authentication into an app e.g. controlR? We already have the smartphone in hand to WoL the server, so why not unlock via some sort of app? Any thoughts? Or are there any alternative solutions in the pipe that could cover this specific scenario? Also of interest, is there a timeline when the "inplace encryption" will be available?
  9. If you have more than one controller you have to specify the desired one - same for the erase operation! Better make sure you have only the desired controller plugged. Also, the -list is usually somewhat lengthy so it won't fit into your screen buffer. The line with the BIOS info is at the beginning of the dump. You may have to pipe the output into a file. There is a log option "-l settings.log" also, but I found it doesn't always work for some reason. But you can also simply reboot and see that there is no BIOS anymore.
  10. I'm not sure if "5" is the right option. Prepare yourself for a full re-flash in case it does not work.
  11. unRAID® by country

    Necromancers @work!
  12. SATA Controller Cards

    Most of the listed cards are PCIe2.0 - by the time the list was started it was state of the art. The SAS2008 cards from LSI or their rebrands are recommended. PCIe3.0 maybe more future proof, but not necessarily budget. Dependent on your location, especially the rebranded cards can be very competitive in terms of pricing, but they have to be crossflashed. In certain regions even the LSI cards are inexpensive, you have to check.
  13. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    With regard to the error 23 I wrote my experience here: I haven't used the plugin since then, so I can't say if those issues have been resolved yet.
  14. [Plug-In] unBALANCE

  15. ST4000NM025 Dual port

    I was presuming you want to set up an unRAID machine since this is the unRAID forum.

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