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  1. Is the command line version also collecting/contributing to the database? Haven't set up any docker yet...
  2. Fireball3

    Spare Parts Build - Advice please

    A file server is typically very efficient. Power (wattage) is not the main criterion when selecting the PS. It's the inrush current that has to be supplied at start-up. The PS delivers ~25A on the 12V rail. Luckily it's a single rail PS! Now assume 5A for Board and things. Remaining 20A/8 drives = 2.5A / drive The WD red is rated at 1,75A peak current. So your PS is sufficient. You might even go up to 10 drives. Also consider the PSU thread for information.
  3. Fireball3

    SATA Controller Cards

    Careful! The list is maintained by us, the unRAID comunity. The cards you see there have been tested by users and found to be working. If a card is not on the list it doesn't mean it will not work! If it's tested and confirmed not working, then you might find it in the "Not recommended" list.
  4. This card is a plain HBA. Firmware is available in that place and instructions should be there also, if you need more assistance, feel free to ask.
  5. This one is not working?
  6. While the guide is valid, the files are probably outdated. Either grab them from the Broadcom site (look for P20.00.07.00) or grab the Dell Perc H310 package. Read the instructions. The resulting file should indicate the present firmware, maybe you don't even need an update. In case you do, you need only step 5_lsi_P20 and maybe step 6.
  7. Seems you're on the right track. I don't use the controllers with windows, so I don't have specific experience with that issue.
  8. This is a good one! According to the sas2flsh manual it should be sufficient to use SAS2Flash –b the_right.rom Thanks for your feedback!
  9. Fireball3

    can't login into wiki !?

    The wiki might be outdated, but certain parts are still updated. It's a good anchor point and deserves just a bit more love. Especially for recurring problems it's very useful. It takes a lot of time to repeat things again and again and the forum search is of no help unfortunately. I wouldn't scrap it without a proper alternative - the forum is not. This my 2ct. Now who's the admin in charge of the wiki to re-enable my account?
  10. Maybe you can dump your current flash to file. sas2flsh -o -uflash flashdmp.bin (will take a couple of minutes to finish!)
  11. Fireball3

    can't login into wiki !?

    No user found matching the given credentials.
  12. Yes, should work. 9201-8i is by default a plain HBA (IT mode only). Wipe the current firmware and flash the latest P20.00.07 Basically the same procedure as pepar did.
  13. Yes, the logged file is called finished.txt Glad you got it working. Now enjoy happy hour! 🍻
  14. Then a file called Adapters.txt should exist in the logs directory. Well, in one of my fist posts I told you to skip those steps. Anyway, if you managed to flash P20 you're fine. Once you flashed the SAS adress you can dump the card info once again with 1.nsh and double check.
  15. The last 6.nsh should have one prefilled. You can use that if you have no other.

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