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  1. Fireball3

    not find device "bond0" - No IP Address

    System boots obviously, so no need to do this. Can you upload that diagnostics file? I guess there is a NIC driver issue with your onboard NIC. Syslog will hopefully tell us more.
  2. Fireball3

    Shocking speed of WD Black preclear

    Imho it's better to start with an extended smart test smartctl -t -long /dev/sd... If this test is not positive, you can stop all other actions. If you consider RMAing the drive you need proof that something is wrong. WD insists on a test with their Data Lifeguard Diagnostics Tool. IIRC the improvement of the preclear speeds affected the post-read phase but I might have lost track at some point. You can give the comandline-script a chance and see if it makes a difference. Edit: You can check the progress smartctl -a /dev/sdx or look for the "remaining" smartctl -a /dev/sdx | grep remaining
  3. 9207 is an HBA, that means, sold in IT mode. The download page suggests it can be flashed to IR mode though. The equivalent card in IR mode is obviously called 9217 \firmware\HBA_9217_4i4e_IR\9217-4i4e.bin
  4. The correct syntax, according to the manual, is: -o -sasadd 12344567890
  5. Hi @Oldtimer, welcome to the unRAID forums. See this post.
  6. Fireball3

    New to unRAID, have a question

    Hi, I think you have to be able to set this in your software. Otherwise I would expect you to run into errors.
  7. Fireball3

    New drive won't spindown

    I wonder what unRAID is doing when we set the "drive spindown"!? Is is also using the drive's apm settings or is it handled different?
  8. Fireball3

    New drive won't spindown

    I don't know. Edit: Some additional info on APM levels.
  9. Fireball3

    New drive won't spindown

    His SMART report says: APM level is: 164 (intermediate level without standby) It can also be set with smartctl -s apm,255 Some testing is required:
  10. Fireball3

    New drive won't spindown

    What ist the setting of Auto Offline Data Collection enabled or disabled? Edit: Sorry, my fault, missed @Smitty2k1 post. Set it disabled and see if it helps. smartctl -o off /dev/your_drive
  11. Have you tried to reset BIOS settings to default and start over? I have no idea why, but it works sometimes.
  12. Fireball3

    New drive won't spindown

    Do you have a log of the SMART attributes of that drive?
  13. Fireball3

    (SOLVED) Clearing Synology Drive

    There are 2 bad sectors pending reallocation. According to the error log there were 5 UNCorrectable read errors at LBA: 3197675968 (IDNF, may show up during write test) 3591151168 (IDNF, may show up during write test) 3933917032 (UNC, reason for abort) 6572318816 (UNC, not known if still persistent at the moment) You need to force the drive to reallocate them. Follow this instruction to do so. That drive has no reallocated sectors at the moment. The counter should increase once you execute that procedure. You can force the write to both UNC LBA listed and run either the long SMART test or the preclear again. RMA ing the drive is no option, as it is out of warranty. It's up to you - many here will say "yes". Once all sectors are reallocated and the preclear doesn't bring up more pending I would consider it OK. The issue is, you will loose single fault tolerance of your array, if this drive is faulty AND another drive fails additionally.
  14. Fireball3

    (SOLVED) Clearing Synology Drive

    Run an extended SMART test or, even better, grab the vendor specific diagnostic tool and run the extended test.
  15. Yes, it is working or Yes, it is not working? Have you already found this?

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