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  1. OK I thought you said you were having problems copying them. To access them over SMB you need to set the permissions appropriately in your script that copies them. Array files have to be nobody:users. I would tell you to use new permissions but that is for drives in the array and the cache.
  2. You should be able to copy them as root. So you should be able to login to the console and copy them. I use MC to copy files on unRAID. Not sure what user the User Scripts run under but if it is root then it should copy just fine. If you can't copy them as root then they must be open somewhere.
  3. Use the User Scripts plugin. Probably set it to run at array start.
  4. Major overhaul - Advice sought

    I agree with other posters. I have a Marvel 9230 based MB controller (like a link above has) and it would always drop drives. It would take anywhere from less than a day to 3 weeks. I was using it as a local controller to a VM at the time so it never caused me problems in unRAID - so I was lucky.
  5. SOLVED can't delete empty share

    To MOVE a directory in MC you use the F6 key. Just navigate one side to the /tmp directory like suggested and then navigate the other side to the directory you want to move. Highlight the directory to move and press F6.
  6. Frequent Random Lockups

    You probably should post your diagnostics if you want more help. That might give the experts more help diagnosing the problem. But in the meantime here are some questions that may help them too: What amount of memory do you have installed in your computer? Do you have VMs running? If so what do you have assigned to the VM for memory and CPUs? What dockers do you have installed?
  7. New Server, no network connection

    That port 1 is probably the IPMI network port. On the ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 the IPMI nic port is definitely not intuitive where it is placed. Highlighted port is the IPMI port on the IO backplane. Also with unRAID 6.x I was never able to get the onboard marvel 9230 controller to work acceptably and disabled it and removed all drives connected to it. That is the other graphic with the marvel ports highlighted. Note the EP2C606-4L/D16 which is in my graphic is the same layout as the EP2C602-4L/D16 - opps!
  8. IRQ 16 Disabled: Nobody Cared

    You could try disabling the USB3.1 controller in the bios while leaving the USB2.0 controller and see if that gets rid of your problems. HD-PVRs only need USB2.0 so you would still have that working. You might also try moving around any PCIe cards to different slots as that may also eliminate the problem from suggestions I've seen to others with this problem. When I got this I ended up having better luck without the USB3.0 controller but in my case it just took longer for the error to show up. I ran out of time to test further changes so swapped unRAID to a different MB and put Win7 back on the original.
  9. 24tb unRAID and more coming.

    I think so. I have a UPS for each of my computers as well as another for my router, switch and DirecTV STBs. But I don't think a file system has a bigger risk over another without a UPS.
  10. Nightly hard crash- what does this screen mean?

    I would run unRAID on it without plugins, dockers or VMs and no cards not needed for NAS functionality (so just HBAs). If it works for several weeks that way then you can try adding plugins, dockers and VMs one at a time until you encounter another problem. Only once you have all the plugins dockers and VMs working that you want to use then add additional cards like USB, Network and Video cards. Once everything is working with your additional cards you can then try to pass through any to your VMs. This should let you discover a cause of the problems but will be time consuming. I have an ASRock - EP2C602-4L/D16 that is working well for me with unRAID with lots of Windows VMs. The server has no video out on it. I use IPMI to access the local unRAID console screen and RDP to access the VMs. When I set it up originally I ran it as an unRAID NAS only for several weeks to be sure it was stable before I added VMs or even plugins to it. I had another box that had problems running unRAID 6.4 with a Windows 7 VM. It appeared to work much better (weeks between issues instead of hours or days) - when I disabled USB3 but it still wasn't stable enough that way to try to pass through the iGPU to the VM like I wanted. I'm sure if I had just used unRAID as a NAS on it with maybe only Dockers and no VMs it would have worked. I ended up abandoning the attempt and re-installing Windows 7 bare metal on that box like it was before. Been working for several month now and worked for years with Windows 7 bare metal before the attempt to install unRAID with a Windows VM.
  11. Laptop 2.5in Hard Drives

    I use 4 laptop drives attached to a 4 port MB controller passed through to my WHS v1 VM on my Norco 4224 OS drive shelf - yes they are loose because I have two SSDs mounted below them on the shelf too. They just fit in the space as they are 9.5mm or less (Toshiba 1TB model 2.5").
  12. I did something similar so I could have code within a docker restart the docker. If you map a new path with the following "/var/run/docker.sock" on the container and host paths and another new path of "/usr/bin/docker" on the container and host paths. Then you can restart your docker with the "/usr/bin/docker restart <container name here>" command from within the docker. Then you can have the docker do scheduled restarts of itself.
  13. Video Recovery Tool

    I use it (eac3to) to Rip my BluRays to MKV format. I wrote a GUI in java that uses eac3to to demux the files into their component parts and then use MKVToolnix to remux those parts back into MKVs. Most products that rip BluRays offer this too but I wrote my own to give me more control over how and what was in the final MKV.
  14. Laptop RDP thin client for unRAID VM

    Here are a few links that might be helpful for you (link is Google search): Chrome RDP Hope that helps.

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