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  1. Open VM Tools for unRAID 6

    This will be the reason one of my servers may never advance beyond 6.3.5. ESXi passes through a PCI card on the only PCI slot on my MB unRAID/KVM does not. I suspect the bridge chip used to provide the PCI slot.
  2. Harnessing Heat

    This was originally why I put my servers in the basement - cooler down there until summer. That was back before I used unRAID and had Pentium 4s. Even in the basement I had to turn those off during the day in the summer time. In the Winter, Spring & Fall I left them on. It cut down on the amount of time my furnace was running.
  3. unRAID OS version 6.4.0 Stable Release Available

    Can we get the "Table view spacing" capabilities back in the 6.4 GUI. As you can see from the attached graphics there is much greater space between drives in 6.4 compared to 6.3.5.
  4. Did you maybe go from /mnt/cache/dir to /mnt/user0/dir? That would work because user0 does not merge the cache files into the share but that is the ONLY way you can go from disk to user or user to disk shares with the same directory path. Any other combination will give you zero byte files. I found that out the hard way myself quite a while ago.
  5. How to replace a failed drive?

    Then once rebuild completes run a check WITHOUT writing corrections to parity drive to make sure the drive rebuilt correctly.
  6. add intel-ucode package to patch meltdown

    Thank you. Knew someone would know answer.
  7. add intel-ucode package to patch meltdown

    News ticker reported this morning that Intel says there maybe "reboot problems" with their patches for OLDER chips - whatever that really means! Is that media fantasies or is their some truth to it? I ask because my Sandy Bridge CPUs certainly qualify as OLD. Assuming a Sandy Bridge CPU would be subject to either problem since I don't even know about that.
  8. SuperMicro CSE-M35T 5in3 Hotswap Cages

    I have rails on my rack and the rack has wheels so I can move my 5 systems around my basement all at one time. To work on an individual system I just pull out a single norco case on the attached rails and remove the top cover to give complete access to everything in the MB compartment. I can get my 5 systems in the same floor space of two of my Lian Li V2000 full tower cases. So for me it makes sense to use a rack mounted norco over a tower. For a single system I would probably have stayed with my Lian Li's.
  9. Does unraid use PCIe power down?

    I would suggest you move your SSD to the MB in any event because it has been reported that Trim doesn't work for a 9201-16i controller unless the SSD supports some very special options usually not available on NON-enterprise drives. The -16e would most likely be using the same chipset so it will not work there either.
  10. (solved) Finally installing my first VM...NOT!

    I don't like the Win10 UI either but the biggest thing is the mandatory updates. I've tried registry updates to make windows think it is on a metered connection and a few other things. They work but I've had everything I've done get reset when I manually update and then have to research how to turn everything off again and maybe have to include new ways. So no thank you. Much prefer Windows 7 UI and the ability to upgrade when I WANT TO not when MS says I have to.
  11. I say the final RC number will be 23.
  12. Does LimeTech Offer USB Keys?

    It says the following on the pricing page: "For special orders, please contact" So you might have better luck emailing directly rather than posting in the forums about this.
  13. I always keep cold spares that have been precleared available. Then I can change out a bad drive instantly and order a new or RMA the bad as a replacement cold spare.
  14. Norco 4220 server rack question

    I bought this open post rack for my Norco's Naturally Newegg change their numbers. Mine was a 22u rack not a 15u like the link but it is from same manufacturer just 22 instead of 15 and looks the same
  15. How are you using your unRAID server?

    To be perfectly honest I'm using the unRAID supplied VNC server currently as I don't use my linux VM much now. Even when I was using it more I only needed to connect to it to configure/install/reboot - so the unRAID VNC server was ok for me. I ran software on it that served up media files to extenders so never needed to access the actual OS much.

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